Camp Cheerio By Sam

I am going to tell the world what I did at Camp Cheerio and what I thought were my favorite activities. My favorite activities were the challenge course which included the hard rock walls, archery, and the Vertical Playpen. I also enjoyed the zipline, the mudslide, canoeing, and hiking.

What I liked about the challenge course was that the rock walls were very difficult but my friend and I scaled the first wall with no problem. The next wall was the hardest one of them all. We never even made it halfway, so we just decided to come back to it later. That when I saw it a poisonous caterpillar. So then a counselor took a stick and moved it away from everyone. Then my friend and I had a short blurb about it and I said I thought that the poisonous caterpillar exists in Asia; apparently I was wrong. Then we tried to do a different wall but we never made it. Then we did archery it was really fun I pretended to be Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. In my best round of archery I got 17 points with 5 arrows. It was really fun and challenging. Then we did The Vertical Playpen. The first obstacle course I was stuck on one part for like 9 minutes. I made it up onto the tire then the second tire and touched the post which means I win. I also did the Stairway to Heaven. It consisted of a bunch of wooden poles that got higher and higher as I climbed.