Highlight of Sixth Grade By Shaylen A.


In 6th grade I have some major fun highlights, but if I had to pick one it will Camp Cheerio because it was a social time, a play time and much more. Also, the food was not bad I have to say. My favorite part of this camp was the canoeing even though it rained and we didn’t have much time. I was steering the boat and my friend Neil was powering it. I had a whole lot of fun and I will remember this camp for a while.

Camp Cheerio Canoeing by Julia K

Canoeing at Camp Cheerio caused me and the two other girls from my advisory a lot of trouble. It seemed like we hit every single rock in that river and I think that we caused the counselors a lot of trouble also because they had to tow us behind them for a while. I still had a good time even if we finished the canoe trip 45 minutes behind everyone else.


photo by Mrs. Donnelly