Comic Life Wisdom Tale by Keenan

I made a Comic Life about the wisdom tale The Boatman. Comic Life was really easy to use. I could drag pictures in, and all of the buttons were obvious. But Skitch wasn’t as easy. The thing I liked using about it was that there are different shape buttons that you can use instead of just drawing the shape. It was a little difficult to draw things because if I tried to draw over something, it would just drag the thing I was trying to draw over. It was also easy to just draw one picture, save it, and then draw things over it in later pictures instead of just drawing the background all over again. That was probably the most helpful thing that I did because it saved a lot of time. I would suggest using Skitch and comic life.

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Everyone Agrees to Peace By Alex P.

Image created by me

For my comic life project, I chose to write and draw about “Everyone Agrees to Peace” because I wanted to draw the characters in the story (rooster and fox). I drew all of my illustrations on Sketchbook on my iPad. Then, I transferred them through email on to the computer. Next, I installed the pictures/ drawings onto Comic Life where I organized them and added speech bubbles and other details.

The story is an Aesop Fable teaching others to be honest. It begins with a fox wanting a rooster to come down to eat him. He tells the rooster that all the animals agreed to peace, therefore, there is nothing to fear. The rooster was not deceived and cunningly told the fox that a pack of fox hounds were heading their way. The frightened fox ran off without glancing back.

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Talkative Turtle By: Sam

Our 6th grade LA Classes had to make a Comic Life Presentation on a Wisdom Tale of our choice. I did my Wisdom Tale on a story from India called Talkative Turtle. It is a story about a turtle who has no friends because he talks way too much and he is very selfish. In the story, two birds fly into the water where the turtle is pondering about his problems. He tries to become friends with the birds and then asks, “Can I come back to your home with you?” The birds agree and carry him on a stick attached to their beaks. Some children say, “What smart birds. They are carrying that turtle to safety.” In the end, the turtle yelled at the children and he fell off the stick to his doom.

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My Wisdom Tale Comic By Charlie E.










My Comic was on the wisdom tale “Blinded by Greed.” In this story a man is walking through the market. He walks past all the stalls, until he gets to the jewelry stall. He realizes to himself that if he steals all the jewels he would be rich. He grabs handfuls of them and starts running. He is trapped by the crowd until the policeman gets there. While in jail, he is asked why he stole all those jewels in such a large crowd. The man simply replies, “I was blinded by Greed.”

My moral idea for this story is do not let greed get the best of you. My experience with the programs I used, Skitch and Comic Life, have led me to dislike Skitch greatly and I have come to love Comic Life. I dislike Skitch because there are only a few tools and it is missing to many basic writing program tools. I love Comic Life because there is an abundance of different mechanics and tools. I think this project was very fun.

Wisdom Tales Comic by: Ellie

Comic by Ellie

In class we took a Wisdom Tale and made a fun comic. I did The Lion and the Rabbit. It is about a lion that kills for pleasure. The animals then make a deal that they would give the lion one animal each day in return that they wouldn’t be harmed. The first animal, a wise rabbit, tricked the lion into going to a well because he wanted the lion to think there was a very powerful lion there. The lion did jump into the well and the animals lived!

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Wisdom Tale Comic by Jack

In class we picked a wisdom tale to do a comic on. I picked A Flock of Birds. The picture to the left is my comic. While I was doing this project I learned how to us Comic Life, Doodle Buddy and Outlook email to put the pictures in the comic. At first I did not know what to do but because I did not know how to get the pictures in, but I used my my iPad to email the picture to myself. Then I went to Outlook on the computer to put them in my comic.

A Flock of Birds was the third tale we read. It was about a flock of birds that a hunter got the birds in a net. Then one day a wise bird said that if we flap our wings at the same time then the net will lift. So they tried it and it worked. Then one day the birds got in a disagreement with each other so they did not work together and the hunter got them.

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Wisdom Tales Comic by Michiko








In class we made a comic based on one of our wisdom tales. I chose a tale called Old Dog And Coyote. It is about an old watch dog who was sleeping while a coyote chased the farmer’s chickens. The dog went to find his own food and he found the coyote. He helped the coyote and the coyote helped the dog get the farmers trust back. I chose to do my pictures on Sketchbook Express on my iPad. For me, getting the pictures on to the computer was hard. I emailed them to myself but it continued to freeze. After I got the pictures on to the computer it was easy. I really liked doing a project on comic life and I hope I get to do it again.

Comic Life Wisdom Tales by Kay Y.






For the past few days my language arts class has been in the computer lab working on making a Comic Life about any of the wisdom tales that we read in class. I chose The Dancing Lass of Anglesey, from Scotland. I really liked this wisdom tale because The Dancing Lass of Anglesey helped the king, but after she helped the king she danced with him as well. This story takes place in a time where battles were fought by dancing, but none of the king’s men could beat the fifteen knights that were about to take his land. The king asked The Dancing Lass of Anglesey to help him beat the fifteen knights. After she danced with all of the knights she danced with the king’s men, and then the king. I also like the ending of this wisdom tale because it really shows that you should fight your own battles. The king asked someone to help him win, and she did but at the end the king also was in the pile of men on the floor.

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Comic Project By Kira S







In LA class we had to do a comic on any wisdom tale we would like to retell. I chose The Wild Strawberry. Using Comic Life was new to me because I hadn’t used it before. Although once I got the hang of it, it was really fun. I also enjoyed drawing my pictures and then using Sketch Book Pro to add detail to the picture. It was fun to learn how to use Sketch Book Pro! I did enjoy this project and I hope we do something like this again!

The Lion Makers Comic By Joanna

Lion and people

Our class chose one wisdom tale each and we made a comic about it. I chose The Lion Makers. In the Lion Makers, three people in India bring a lion back to life and get eaten while the person with common sense is in a tree and keeps living his life. The moral of this story is that common sense is just as important as academic knowledge. I chose this tale because it is interesting to me. I liked drawing the pictures a lot, and I used Skitch for drawing them. I used Skitch because I can acces the pictures easily from both a computer and an iPad. For the comic, I used Comic Life. Comic Life has lots of useful things, and it is easy to use.