Community Service By: Sam G.






A few days ago all 6th Grade students and advisors went to to serve our community of North Carolina. My Advisory went to a place in Carboro called TABLE. TABLE is a place where people all over the world bring in food for kids in Carboro schools that don’t have enough food to eat over the weekend.

TABLE has a great staff and they explained everything to our advisory when we went inside. First, we weighed the food and did a lot of math in doing so, then we checked the expiration dates on the items and put food that was not expired in one pile and expired in the other pile. Then we put all the foods onto a yellow cart and put the foods into bins by the shelves. The total amount of food weighed was 260.5 pounds! My experience was a great one knowing that I am helping people by bringing in food and organizing it, but the best part was doing it with staff and my good friends.


Community Service by Anna W.

Photo by Bella

For community service, our advisory went strawberry picking. We took the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald house too! This was one of the best community services I have done yet!

First, we went to burgers for lunch. That was just for our pleasure. Next, we went to a strawberry field where each of us picked at least one tray of strawberries. We got into pairs and scattered throughout the rows of strawberries and filled up our trays. The farm where we were at has some really cute dogs that we played with after we picked the strawberries. We weighed the strawberries and payed for them. Now we were headed to the Ronald McDonald house to deliver them!

When we got to the Ronald McDonald house, we set all the berries into the kitchen so the people staying there could have a little snack! After that, a women gave us a tour of the house and showed us a video. While we were on the tour we saw a little boy. He was very cute especially when he showed us his dance! He started break dancing to a Michael Jackson song! We all loved him and his moves. That was definitely my favorite part of the day!

As we left the house we saw some families already enjoying the fresh strawberries we picked! This was on great experience and I loved seeing the kids at the Ronald McDonald house so happy! I can’t wait until the next community service!


Community Service by David P






This month, we went to TABLE to do our community service project. TABLE’s mission is to give food to kids who might not have it over the weekend. They want to give them food that they like, not always just rejected canned food like beets or broccoli. We went to TABLE after lunch, with the food we were bringing. We brought over 260 pounds of food. We then put the expiration dates on them, so that the ones closest to expiring would be served first. We then were assigned different kinds of food to shelve, and then we put the food on shelves. We sorted the food by date. I did canned pasta. It made me feel good to donate food that would help someone that needed food. I hope that the food we gave can let kids who couldn’t normally get it get the foods that they like over the weekend.


Community Service by Vasili

On the day of community service me and my advisory went to this place called TABLE. But before we went to table we ate pizza. Then we were assigned a car to ride in and I was seated in a car with a bunch of loud people. Once we got to TABLE we got the food out and weighed it. It came out to 260.5 lbs. and our class was shocked. We thought that it was going to come out to 150 lbs. but we were all wrong. After we weighed the food we sorted the food into different aisles. I did the macaroni and cheese. We sorted the foods by date and year also. After that we got all of the old and expired foods and put them in a cart and wheeled them out. Soon, we were finished with all of the work and we drove back to school. After we got back to school the day was over and we went home!


Community Service by Alex P.

At our school, we spend two days every year doing community service. I helped the 5th graders sell lemonade on the middle school campus. Alex’s Lemonade Stand (NOT named after me) was started by a young child with cancer who started selling lemonade to donate for cancer research. It was a bit hard finding people to sell to because most advisories had gone off campus. We sold lemonade to people passing by the car wash, and the two other advisories at the MS campus. I had lots of fun and I hope that the money we donated helps with cancer research for children!


Community Service by Davi






For the second community service of the year, I went strawberry picking. We picked the strawberries so that we could donate them to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. We traveled ten minutes from the school to a strawberry patch were you could pick your own strawberries. We picked strawberries until the container we had was full, then we were done. I tried to pack them neatly, so that I could get the most strawberries. We then went to the Ronald McDonald House to drop off the strawberries. It was amazing to see how big the house was, and how much things it had.


Community Service By: Ellie M.

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Photo drawn on sketchbook

For community service we went to a meals on wheels shelter. When we got there a volunteer said to split up in two teams. All of the boys and girls in outer advisory each stepped toward opposite sides. Then the volunteer brought us in and put the girls in a conference room and the boys in the pantry.

The manager of the Thrift Shop associated with the meals on wheels shelter came in and gave us a lot of boxes with everything that has been donated to the thrift shop. This included unmatched earrings, broken watches, necklaces, pins, anything that someone didn’t have any need for. Our job was to sort the items into different boxes. Although we never finished we got halfway done.


Community Service by Franny C

On Wednesday, my school had community service. We did it by advisory, or our “home room” and each advisory did something different. My advisory went to a place called “TABLE.” I’m not exactly sure what it stood for, though, it may not have stood for anything. While there, we met a lady named Laura, and we packed, weighed, and sorted food that the advisory, and others had brought to TABLE. We did not do it, but we learned, that after our hard work was completed, the food would go to children in all different schools and give them something to eat over the weekend if they did not have enough food for all three meals for each day over the weekend. I felt bad for the children who were sometimes hungry and was glad to be helping them.

Our process was simple, but long. First, we weighed the food we brought in- about 260 lbs! Then we wrote the expiration dates on the food, and sorted them into buckets under the shelves they went on. Third, we put the food on the shelves- the sertain shelves with their expiration dates- and finally, we sorted thought the expired food, wrote the dates on them, and put them in the back room in a bin.


Community Service at Hope Valley by Fred

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At our school, ocassionaly during school we go out to help our community and make North Carolina a better place. Our advisory, which is basically a classroom, went to Hope Valley Elementary. We split into groups, and Michael J, Sarah, and I, got to go to a kindergarten class. We first got to wrap there presents for their Mothers Day gift. We finished very early (although I had lots of trouble with the ribbons), so we taught certain kids and helped them subtract. They were all very sweet and cute, especially the boy I helped the most with. He was sweet, cute, and has great manners. In the beginning, I didn’t think this would be a fun trip, but it was actually really fun, and same with almost everyone else. If we had the opportunity to go back, it would be a no brainer YES!


Community Service by Michael J

On Wednesday at school we had a half day and for the rest of the day we did community service. Each advisory had a different community service. My advisory went to Hope Valley Elementary. We broke up into groups and Fred, Sarah and I went to help with the kindergarten class. We started off wrapping presents that they had made for Mother’s Day and then helped them with their subtraction. I worked with two students, and both of them were very fun, and smart. Most of the people in my advisory had a good time, and it felt good to help out their community.