Community Service by Charlie

Wednesday we went to Hope Valley Elementary to help out with the students. My advisory split up and went to different grades. I went to the 3rd grade. First they were checking each others assignment, the they did tables. At first I thought tables was a game, but it turns out it was just a rotation system. Afterwards we went to recess. Did I mention that they have a HUMONGOUS playground? Well, they do. It was HUGE. After their recess was a special. They had the fitness Olympics. It almost exactly like ours, except they only have the beep test, sit ups, and push-ups. That was the end of my time there. But just for a second, let’s jump back to the beginning. Wait What!?!? They are doing area and perimeter when some of the students are still starting with basic addition and subtraction?!?!? Give me your opinion on this in the comments! Anyway, It was quite fun and I was told I could come back anytime.

Community Service at The Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop by: Kay Y.

Photo done in SketchBookX

On May 8th my school went and did community service for half a day. Each advisory did a different community service project. My advisory went to The Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop to volunteer. We organized clothes by size and color so it was easier to find exactly what you were looking for. I did that for a while but later I was switched to discount marking baby clothes. My friend and I had to take the tags off of the clothes and then draw a red X on the tags inside of the clothes. My friend couldn’t get the tags off the clothes and they didn’t give us scissors to take the tags off, so I had to switch with her. We were able to discount a lot of clothes, and helped a lot. It was fun, but my hands really hurt afterwards because of ripping all of the tags off. Helping out at the thrift shop really made a lot of the kids in my advisory realize how fortunate we are!


Community Service by Julia






For our second community service of the year, my advisory went strawberry picking and then brought the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. I had a lot of fun strawberry picking with my friends, and it was even more fun knowing that we were picking for a good cause. At the strawberry picking field, there were two dogs that were so cute! One was a small dog, I don’t know what type, that followed us everywhere. The other was an older boxer who had surgery on her eye, and she wasn’t very friendly, she mostly wanted to sleep. The picking was very fun because we had a contest to see who could pick the most perfect strawberry!

After we had weighed and bought the strawberries we picked (we used money from our donut sales to pay for the strawberries), we went to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. Once there, our “tour-guide” told us about the history of the House and the past renovations. We then got to see some rooms like the play area, the school area, and the kitchen. The best part of the whole day was when a little boy, he looked about four years old, showed us his awesome break-dancing! He was adorable and he had some great moves! I really hope that people at the Ronald McDonald House enjoyed our strawberries and that every child that is sick gets better.

While there, I realized how very fortunate we really are. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if my sister got cancer or something like that. I love her more than anything in the world, and I have no idea how I would cope with her getting sick. The residents at the House are in my heart and prayers.


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Community Service: Working for TABLE by Miriam D.

Image by me, Miriam D.

I have always liked community service at the middle school. It has always been really fun and rewarding for me. But this time I particularly liked it! My advisory went to TABLE in Carrboro, North Carolina. TABLE is an organization that gives food to kids who can’t afford it. Kids may get free meals at school during the week, but have nothing to eat a home over the weekend. So TABLE tries to provide fresh, healthy foods that kids like to eat. I had donated and worked there before with my family, so it was fun going back.

Over a couple of weeks, my advisory had brought in food to donate to TABLE when we went. We collected 260.5 pounds of food!!! Then we wrote the expiration date on all of the food that we brought. If something didn’t have a date or was expired, it went into a bucket that goes to a food market where people come in knowing that food may be opened or expired, but get to shop for free!!! Then we stacked all of the food that we brought on the particular shelves that they go on. They are VERY organized! After that we put all of the expired, opened, or not dated food into bags so that it could go off to that market. But sadly, after that, it was time to go. I am definitely going to sign up to work there again, and I feel really good knowing that I helped someone!


Community Service Michael S





On May 8, 2013 Mrs. Donnelly’s class went to TABLE for community service. It is an organization in our local community. Table does something very special. It is all volunteers. Table is a small house filled with food . It helps kids who don’t have food on the weekend. Kids at school get lunches in a cafeteria but don’t have anything at home to eat. TABLE helps them out by giving them food. We first started by weighing our food. We donated 260 pounds of food. Then we wrote the expiration date on the food containers. After that we put the food in the correct category in a basket. And last we put them on the shelves. Table is a great organization and a great place. I hope I can go again. 

Community Service by: Lucy W.

Photo drawn by me

At our school we did community service with our advisories. My advisory went strawberry picking for the Ronald McDonald house. When we got the strawberry fields we each got a cardboard box and went straight to the fields. We ended up picking lots of strawberries.When we were done picking strawberries we played with some adorable little dogs that were at the fields. Then we left the strawberry fields and went to the Ronald McDonald House, which is a house for families with sick children who need to be treated.

The Ronald McDonald house was so grateful. They loved strawberries there. A woman have us a tour around the house where we saw the playroom, learning center and meeting room. When we were at the learning center, a child who was getting treatment wanted to dance for us. His teacher turned on Michael Jackson and he started dancing. He was so cute and looked very happy to have an audience. This made me think of how I wanted to volunteer there someday to help children who are sick.

This community service showed me that I can make a difference by doing things as simple as picking strawberries, or giving a child who is an audience to watch him dance. This was the best community service I have ever done.


Community Service By Neil M






I am lucky as a Durham Academy student to have the opportunity to give back to the community. My advisory helped out at TABLE. TABLE is one small organization that makes a big difference. People like you and me volunteer  and donate to keep the organization running. TABLE takes donated food and helps send it to local people in need.

First the advisory collected 260 pounds of food. Then we sorted through it and moved aside the food that was expired. We put the food on shelves and prepared it for donation. I feel grateful that I could spend some time helping others that need food.


Community Service by Noah


Students at Durham Academy took about half of the day to go somewhere to do community service. My advisory went to a place called TABLE. TABLE is a non-profit organization that helps the children who get school lunch but don’t have lunch on the weekends.

At TABLE we brought all the food that we had brought in to class and moved it there, in total we had brought 260 pounds of food. Then we started the process of labeling the food with expiration dates so that TABLE would know which foods to give out first. Then, after we labeled, we sorted the food onto different shelves. If there happened to be any expired food, we would pack it up and send it off to another organization where people who are not financially stable can go there and buy the expired food for free.

When we were doing community service, it wasn’t very fun, but I kept telling myself that this is for the kids who don’t have money to eat over the weekends. I would just imagine what it would be like to only eat a very small portion over the weekend and I would keep working hard.


Community Service by Grace





For my advisory’s community service, we went to the TABLE. We donated 260.5 pounds of food and helped them organize it. TABLE is a small house where there is a lot of food that people have donated to, and they send out the food in bags to kids or adults who don’t have food over the weekends, or don’t get three meals a day. The first thing we did when we got there was weigh what we donated, and that is how I know that we donated 260.5 pounds, we also estimated how much we donated the highest estimate was 163 pounds, so we were way off. The next thing we did was write the expiration dates on the food. Then we organized the food, I was in charge of applesauce, and there was a lot of applesauce, we organized the food by kind and expiration date. I had a good time organizing the food at the table!


Community Service #2 by Katie C.

Photo Drawn by Katie C.

At Durham Academy we do community service. We did community service for the second time this school year. My advisory went to the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop. There we sorted though cloths to make the color and sizes right. We would go through all the cloths and put the colors with each other. A few of my friends and I sorted one rack together. We help the people by making it easier for them to shop. We got to help people who do not have as much as us, and that made my feel good about myself. I love to help people and community service is a great way to do it. That is what I did for Community Service.