Talk To Your Teen By Joanna

Katie's iPad

Taken by Joanna Katie’s iPad

We are reading the book Cosmic and the main character, Liam, is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. We are adding things to this book. Here is something that I would add.

Give your teen limited computer time unless what they are on the computer for is school. If you let them have too much screen time, then they will not have as much time to make real life friends. Also, you don’t want your teen seeing inappropriate things on websites they are not supposed to go on, and your teen might go on sites and make accounts that you don’t want them to make.

Make sure that your teen isn’t hiding electronics in his or her room. If you find electronics such as iPads or laptops in their room that are not supposed to be there, take them out and say nothing. Then, when your teen finds that the electronics are gone, they will know that you have figured out that they hide electronics in their room, and they will feel extra guilty when they come down. Make sure to read the expression of your teen when they come out of their room so you know when they have figured it out. When the time is right, give them the look that means I know you are hiding that in your room and you are in trouble. Try to limit your teen’s screen time so they can spend more time in real life.

Scratch by Matthew

I like to make games on a program called Scratch. It is a program where you create games and post them online to see what people are doing. Here is my scratch website

Yellow vs. green basketball

My game. Thanks to people who helped with this game!

My games are basketball games for people’s colors that are red, blue, yellow, and green. I also have a game in progress for a ship Scratch. I already have three demos for the game. My game will probably have about sixty levels so it will be a long and hard game for most people. I also like making color variations off of Nate’s game called Robotix.