Rooftops of Rome Prologue by James

a loaf of bread

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I wrote this after writing Part 4 so I couldn’t post it until now. Please comment. If you have read part 4, then you might reaize that this connects to when Victoria was explaining her parents’ deaths. Part 5 is coming soon.


Augustus 4, 1332 A.D. Evening

Rome, Italy

A little girl was having her seventh birthday party. Her mother, father, and brother were all standing around her. Their economic position was fine, but the little girl had asked for simple bread instead of a cake. The family was all happy and smiling, giving her presents.

Her brother gave her an anklet that he had bought in Greece. Her mother gave her a book about Roman architecture. The little girl loved the prospect of how buildings stood up and stayed up without visible supports. Her father gave her a poem book, full of stories about faraway lands, and magic, and stories of true love.

As the little girl clipped the anklet on, a knock slammed at the door. A gruff voice ordered them to open up. The girl’s mother went to open the door. A knife was pulled, and blood was spilled.

Dragonland Chapter 2 by Matthew

Here is chapter 2 of Dragonland. This is actually the chapter that you find out what the last chapter was. I hope to finish chapter 3 by February 28.

Chapter 2

The Raging Creatures

I woke to Ian shaking me and yelling, “MARK IS GONE! MARK IS GONE!” I sat up. “Polar bears? Attacking?” I groaned. “NO MATTHEW! MARK IS GONE!” That time I heard it. Mark was gone? I could not afford to lose another brother. I immediately asked Ian, “What happened?” Ian answered, “A dinosaur broke into the house and then Mark turned into a dragon! It was so scary! Mark tried to attack but the dinosaur hit him! Then he unsheathed his sword and swung at mark! Mark flew away and the dinosaur followed him!” I wondered a million thoughts at once. Why did he not attack me? I’m the second most powerful dragon there is? Why did he just follow Mark? Why did he not attack all of us? “Ian,” I managed, “You saw all of that?” Ian answered, “Yes.” I thought it might be an April fool’s joke considering it was April first, but no. Ian said it was all real. I got ready to tell Ian what I didn’t want to tell him ever. “Ian, you are one of us. A dragon. You can think you are a dragon at any time and turn into a dragon.” “Well, who is my dad? Another dragon?” He asked. I replied, “Ian, I am your dad. I imagined you and you came alive at what a regular human would be age 3.” “WELL THEN WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE CARE OF ME LIKE REAL DADS DO?” Screamed Ian. I said with sangfroid, “I did take care of you. I was you teacher all from preschool to last year. This year I changed my age to be a new student ready to prepare you for training.” Ian looked shocked. “How many kids have you had?” I told him, “5. I have had you, Dalton, Theo, Josh, and Sean.” “DALTON’S YOUR KID!?! AWESOME! WE’RE BROTHERS!” Ian yelled with excitement, “Who took care of them?” “Mark did.” I said sadly. “Who will take care of them now?” Ian asked. “Lets find out!” I said, determined to find him. “He’s dead.” Ian said coldly. “NO HE IS NOT!” I screamed, “YOU HAVE NO LAND POWERS AT ALL!” Ian fell to the ground. I realized I had blasted my son with the most powerful blast of water I could. Luckily, he would heal quickly and we could get to work.

Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

Week 11 sentences (My Adventures in vocab world) by Matthew

Finally I remembered to put this on the blog! Here I have the fourth awesome chapter about OCEANI!!! Oh wait, that was actually Ocean. Oceani is next. – Direct quote from this chapter.

Chapter Four

Ocean the ocean fanatic

This is Ocean. He really likes the ocean (Duh!) and he is very recalcitrant. He is voted to find the thing all divers seek, The Irish luck treasure. Ocean likes to transpose the books on the bookshelf at the library, so all of the librarians shun him. Ocean is also very salutary considering he plays basketball against me every day. Ocean’s polyglot part of him allows him to go to different countries. Ocean also includes all of the pariah at recess so he is known as Ocean the bomb. Another reason they call him that is because he once wore a scintillated dress for Halloween. He also fell into a tributary and was very sangfroid about it. He got a remuneration for that. anyways, that is OCEANI!!! Oh wait, that was actually Ocean. Oceani is next.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy my next chapter, the one about Oceani.

Chapter 5 in Vocab World by Matthew

Here is what you have all been waiting for, THE WEEK 12 SENTENCES!!! Here is the intro to Oceani.

Chapter Five


Ocean with an I at the end

Oceani is a twin of Ocean (Duh) and he is very carnivorous. He never escalates in size so he doesn’t know why we have to look down at him. he is also hirsute so he shaves A LOT!!! There is a complete equilibrium between Ocean and him. Once I made a huge contretemps and made him go flying off of his bike. Woops! He ended up breaking an arm. He thought it would do some good to pay me back and expunged me. That gave me a bruised arm. Then a harbinger bird came and gave me a message It said that Oceani was going to die before the age of ten. I did not want to have any more dulcet music, My other brother Salmon had already died. Anyways, Oceani’s bike was irreparable. We had to buy him a new one even though he didn’t use it ever. Okay, back to the NEAR past (That crash happened 4 years ago). Oceani now performs fo Celtic Ocean and he is have a hard time not being doggerel.He finally seems to get the hang of it though. Now, finally, whe will take a look at our last family member, Snowi.

Me Job Chapter 10 (The twist is coming!) by Josh

Chapter 10

“TAXI!” I yelled as a yellow cab sped past us. “TAXI!” I yelled again. This time I waved my arms. A taxi-van pulled up and we told the guy to take us to the museum of Science and Industry. We drove past the towering John Hancock building. My cousin Oliver  has been there.

We passed Soldier Field on the way, I really want to go to a Bears game on this trip. They are playing Carolina.  When the taxi finally pulled up onto Lake Shore Drive, we saw the towering Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science center on the Western Hemisphere. There was an exhibit about a World War 2 boat and I wanted to see that. Rian hopped out of the car and I followed her into the museum. We were greeted by Dr. Ethan Silverman, the head of the museum as we walked in. We bought tickets to an iMax movie about Chicago in the 1940’s. I led us through the museum, not stopping until I found something interesting. I saw a small exhibit about genes and twins. I am fascinated by twins, I wish I had a sibling because  it is very hard being an only child, but you do get the best Hanukkah presents. At the exhibit there were pictures of boy-boy,girl-girl, and girl-boy twins. I learned the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins. We moved on down the hallway and found a little room, where it demonstrated how something was manufactured. I pulled a few quarters out of my pocket and carefully inserted them into the machine. I followed the steps to see that a spinning top was being made. My top had to be sent back for a faulty gear. By the time my top made it through I had seen the entire manufacturing process. Maybe if football doesn’t work out I’ll go into engineering.

If I Woke Up and I Was An Adult I Would… by Matthew

I woke with a start. I got up and fell. I realized I was 7 feet tall! Over night I had grown two feet and two inches! I looked at the date. 2029? On December 18! 29 years old? Oh, wait 30! It was my birthday. I looked at the clock. 12:17 am. 1 minute away from 30. I looked at the seconds on my watch. 59 seconds! I had just enough time to think, “Last second of being in my 20s! Yay!” Then I looked at my clothes. I was wearing my dolphin pull over! Not just any pullover, the pullover I wore to my basketball games that I coached. The Dolphins! Located in Syracuse, NY! I remembered we had a 7:00 game! Time to get up!!!

I drove straight to the game. I had to swerve to avoid several car crashes. I finally made it. I coached our awesome game, which took up the whole day considering how many OTs we had. I drove home and crashed into a limo. I got out of the car, apologized, and ran home. I finally got there and crashed onto my bed. I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, I was a kid! Was it just a dream? Or was it more?

what happened? Made on skitch my Matthew

My Adventures in Vocabulary World by Matthew

Hello guys! Lately I just have not found time to write, but I came up with an idea. I decided, since we have to do sentences with vocabulary words every Wednesday, I would make a story and make 1 chapter be the sentences for that week. I will try to post them every Thursday so I feel like it is time for a new story, that I hope you will enjoy.

My Adventures in Vocabulary World

Chapter 1 – Mark the sports fanatic

Hello! My Name is Matthew. I have wanderlust so I like to travel a lot.I like climbing trees but all of the good ones have tendrils. My brother Mark’s reverie about the time he had at a verve football game was distracting. I ostracize everyone that comes in my seat so that I get to sit near the coach. Every now and then we go to the beach. There we watch the lambent flame tongues of the fire. I also love walking through the sediment of the ocean. Wait! MARK IS A SOMNAMBULIST! AHHHH! I screamed so loud Mark jumped up and hit his head on the wall. My Mom came downstairs to see what happened in complete pulchritude mode. Mark grabbed a chip and started to masticate it down. What a sports fanatic, I thought.

Please comment so that I know what to do to make my stories a lot better. I hope you liked it!

Me Job Chapter 9 (what you’ve all been waiting for)

I wanted more comments to post more. I really want to know your opinion of my story. I have not touched it in two weeks and even more because of break. I have written 11 chapters, but plan on writing 16. If anyone is up for illustrating my story that job is still available. Here is Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Tuesday came fast. Before school started I told her. “Ummm sure.” she said. “That sounds cool.” “Your mom already has packed for you.” I replied. “Sweet.” she said.“You know Travie lives in Chicago.” I mentioned to her. She said that she didn’t. The week slowly trudged on, Wednesday and Thursday, but especially Friday went by too slowly. We were finally getting on the plane. Rian got stuck in security because she left her iPhone in her pocket. TSA agents waved her and we were finally cleared. We barely made it on time for boarding, but we made it onto the huge and full of T.V.s Delta 737. I sat down with my mom and Rian, and popped on ESPN. Neil Everett and Stan Verret were discussing that Rob Gronkowski was the best tight end in the league. I flipped it to XM radio. Jason Derülo’s “It Girl” was playing loud. I knew he was going to be a star when I first heard “In My Head” , nobody knew about him, but since, he has written “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, “Watcha Say”, and my personal favorite, “Ridin’ Solo”.  The song changed to “Good Feeling” by Flo-Rida. I love music, but I hate country, very unlike Robbie. The T.V.s made the 2 and a half hour plane ride easy and quick. The Delta landed smoothly into Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The plane was connecting the flight from Atlanta. My mom didn’t have a meeting until later that evening so we decided to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.

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Darkhold: Chapter 4 by Ian L


Drawing by Ian




The voice became more and more powerful. The closer John got to Boston the louder and more frequently the voice came to him. He needed to find the source. It had to be some kind of telepathy because he could not find any other plausible explanation. Of course that wasn’t a plausible explanation at all, but…

“We’re here honey,” his mom informed him. Of course John already knew they were almost there. You would think his mom didn’t think he paid attention. John shook his head. The car ground to a halt as they reached a rundown parking lot. The fence was twisted and warped. The lot wasn’t paved, but gravel had been placed instead. Grass grew where the gravel was thin and buildings surrounded the lot. Those buildings too were rundown and looked as if they would collapse any minute. They got out of the car and closed the doors. As they walked, dust from the rocks filled their eyes. John rubbed them and then walked on with his mom. We were going to the Museum of US History. They had to go there because he had a report due in a week that was about major battles in the Civil War. His mom also liked going, but for a different reason. She liked baseball. “It’s America’s pastime,” she had said. They turned a corner onto the street that would be where the museum would be. It wasn’t there. On the side of the road was a man that was dressed like a construction worker. He had a bright orange vest. The man was leaning on a fire hydrant. John pointed to him and they walked towards him. He glanced at his mom and in a millisecond they both knew that he was going to be the talker.

“Umm… excuse me mister. Do you happen to know where the Museum of US History is?” John asked. He turned to John. He had had a couple of missing teeth and was smoking a short, stubby cigar. Black smoke was puffing out of the end of it. He had tattered pants. The man stared down at John.

“Well there was a museum of the History of the US a couple months ago,” he answered. John nodded. Was he a psychotic? Some crazy guy who didn’t know a thing about what I was talking about? Nah, he looked pretty sane. 

“Okay…” John asked, “but what happened to it? Where is it now?” This was confusing. Did it get demolished? Replaced? It didn’t make any sense; the museum was doing well the last time he had visited it.

“Well, now there is just no museum where it was,” the man said biting down on the cigar which was wet by now. John nodded again. This time his mom spoke,

“Thank you,” she said in her warm flattering voice, “We will be off now,” she told the man still smiling. Then they walked off. The man shook his head, turned around, and resumed smoking his ever present cigar. The city was still looming above them. The famous Fenway Park in the distance. John turned the corner and saw a huge building with a sign saying: μουσείο της ελληνικής μυθολογίας, and underneath it said: Museum of Greek Mythology.

“Do you want to learn about Greek mythology?” He asked her. He figured that they had came all the way here, so they might as well do something while they were there. Come to me. There it was again: the voice. A bell rang as we opened the door. There was no one at the front desk, however.

“Anyone there?” Mom said rather loudly. No one answered. They walked on. On the walls were large paintings of the greek gods and captions underneath, describing each of the gods. Each one was written in both Greek and English. The museum was almost a maze. The passage with all the pictures and writing twisted and turned.

We were in the middle of the maze when John faintly heard screaming. At first he wasn’t sure if it was screaming. It came from outside.

“Did you hear that?” he asked his mom. He wanted to make sure this wasn’t just his imagination. It wasn’t.

“Yeah, I did hear that,” she answered. Then he felt a hotness to his face and an orange glow coming from around the corner of the passage. His mom liked terrified. “No, no, not, not again,” she muttered. She knew what was happening. Then at that precise moment he knew too. It was a fire. His dad had died in a fire when he was very little and she had survived. This was like it happening to her all over again. Soon, smoke was getting in his eyes. Then the fire came from both sides. He panicked. He couldn’t see well and the passage was getting hotter and hotter. Then the smoke made the air almost impossible to breathe. Everything went black.