Darkhold: Chapter 5 by Ian L

The sixth chapter of Darkhold. Sorry for not posting, but I kept telling myself “tomorrow.” So today was yesterday’s tomorrow.


Drawing by Ian





I found a boy in the remains of the burned out part of my house. His clothes were charred and his skin black from soot. I decided that I would bring him to my house and take care of him. I summoned one of my servants and told him to take care of the boy. My servant walked away with the boy and his arms. I watched them walk out of my view and then decided to set my mind on more important matters. I then paid a visit to my old friend Hecta.

When he saw me appear he grimaced.

“Why do you disrupt my meditating, Vlad?” He asked, his eyes piercing into my body.

“Why did you burn part of my house?” I countered. For a moment I thought that he looked surprised, but he pulled himself together quickly and the look was not there anymore.

“And what proof do you have that I am he cause of this unfortunate happening,” He said. and he continued, “And why whenever something bad happens to you blame it on me,” his words were almost spit out. Again, I had managed to make Hecta lose his cool. I had made him call me Vlad. Vlad was the name that I had had hundreds of years ago. It was close to a thousand now. Then all of a sudden he waved his hand and out of the corner of the room came a brutish thing with green skin.

“‘hat can I do for ‘ou master Hecta?” The thing asked in a gravely voice.

“You can… dispose of this imposter,” Hecta said coldy. Almost spitting the words out with distaste. I laughed. That little pushover couldn’t beat me in a fight to save his life.

“‘essir!” The monster said. I pulled the hood of my black coat down and smiled. It was amusing to me that the monster thought that he could actually beat me. It would make this all the more fun. I turned to Hecta.

“Why would you just throw away one of your servants like that?” I asked him. My eyes steely.

“Because he is a tool- ” He answered, but was immediately interrupted by me.

“But why would you through away a tool?” I didn’t get what the logic behind this.

“An expendable tool. An expendable tool that I think can kill you,” he said. I got it now. Hecta didn’t care what happened to anyone else, only himself. Without further ado I walked up to the monster and hit it. Nothing happened. I narrowed my eyes. I willed my hand to get hot and flames burst up around my hand. I willed my other hand to get cold. It started to freeze and a small cloud of cold air floated around that hand. I clenched both hands together and brought them down on the monster. It reached up to block, but I was to strong and it was knocked over. Its body was both scorched and frozen at the same time. It struggled to get up and I hit the monster again. It faltered. Then it jumped up and slammed into me. I was knocked backwards from the force of the blow. I could hear the monster’s ragged breathing and I stood up. It was lying on the ground and looked injured. I took one look at the beast and kicked it as hard as I could, then willed a spear into my hands. The spear appeared and I stabbed the monster. The glow disappeared from its eyes when it died. I turned around and shot an icy glare at Hecta. He looked disappointed. I then willed myself home. I was there one second and the next I was in the room with the boy. I silently reminded myself to get a sword instead of a spear. I mean, spears are good and all, but whoever heard of the valiant knight who vanquished the evil knight with a spear? Swords are much more popular.


Me Job Chapters 5-7 By Josh K

These Chapters are really short, but maybe the most interesting? Read to find out. If youu have any ideas for a villain in my story please tell me.

Chapter 5

The next day I went to Hebrew School. I don’t particularly like Hebrew School, but at break I play football with my teacher, Aaron, who has crazy hair and was a counselor at my camp (Ramah). At Hebrew School we talked about a prayer. I am pretty good at reading Hebrew. So when it was time for Hebrew. I got partnered up with Rebecca. I quickly and efficiently read the prayer. At break I threw some passes with Aaron. He is not very good. We talked about how well N.C. State played against the #3 team in the country.

After Hebrew School I looked my Facebook page I had nothing from Travie but realized that my trip to Chicago was in two weeks. A message from Griffin said, “Dude you need a girlfriend. Ask out Rian. You two are perfect for each other.” I started to think about it and think about it. The more I thought about it the more I knew I was going to do it.
I talked to my mom about. She said that she didn’t really care and that she would always be supportive of me.
Chapter 6
I kind of knew she was going to say yes. She really likes me and it’s obvious, so I wasn’t worried about asking her out. I had it it all planned out. I was going to find some time where she wasn’t talking with her friends and where there were no teachers. I was going to say, “Rian, will you go out with me?” I was so nervous. I couldn’t concentrate in first period, or second period, or third period or at lunch. At lunch she was sitting all alone and I was this close to doing it , but I got too scared to do it. Later at recess she was all alone without any of her friends near. I walked up to her and said, “Hey Rian, whats up?” “Not much what about you?” she said glumly. “Ummmmm will you go out with me? How about lunch at George’s after my game?

Oh my god! Yes Drew! Of course. I never thought you’d ask. I had this huge goofy grin on my face and Griffin could tell. “I knew she was going to say yes.” said Griffin happily. “Who?” I whirled around to see that it was Robbie. “Rian!” I said. “Score one for Drew!” Oh yeah! Let’s go beat the Dynamite.

Chapter 7

On Saturday I was excited that Friday I was going to Chicago! My mom was on a business trip for a conference. She is a Cardiologist at UNC. I hate Carolina though. Go N.C. State! In warm ups at our game I noticed a really tall, new person on the Dynamite. I absolutely love their red and orange uniforms. Nike sponsors them even though they stink. Our uniforms  on the other hand are a dinky green with a dinosaur on our helmet.

Our game blew by. After winning the coin toss I threw a 30 yard pass to Griffin, who took it the rest of the 40 yards to the end zone. Touchdown Raptors! Robbie scored on a thirty three yard run. Do I really need to tell you the rest? Let’s get to my date.

Who likes this helmet design for the Raptors?

Image created by me at https://shop.riddell.com/riddell/ipc/displayLayout/(layout=7.0-4_8_3_90_91_95_99_113_5)/.do

Darkhold: Chapter 3 by Ian L


Drawing by Ian




Just then a thought came to my head

“What did this man look like?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do”

“I don’t remember” I stared down at the man.

“Fine. But until tell me who this man is, you might as well get used to this old place because it might just become your permanent residence. In life and after.” The man gulped. “Say good by to your life for now,” He looked at me desperately. I smiled a very white smile at him. Then for some extra effect I burst into flames and appeared behind him. The with one deft movement of my hands I quickly knocked him out. He crumpled into a broken heap and I gave the unconscious body a sympathetic look. Then I picked him up and carried him into one of my “guest rooms”. I smiled. Some of my “tenants” had been in this house for a couple hundred years. I unlocked a dusty door and came into a dark, dank spiral staircase. The steps were slippery and treacherous. I stepped down them carefully until the passage. Above the begging of the straight section was a huge arch. it said: Μην βασιστείτε να βγεί εδώ. Don’t count on getting out of here. It was the motto of the expansive labyrinth that had been built under my house. I took a right turn and came to a long passage with cells on either side. There were mostly skeletons, but there were lots of rats that called this dank underworld their home. I estimated that this labyrinth stretched under most of greater Boston. When I had commissioned the building of the tunnels I had to be careful because of some of the car tunnels that that went under the city. Unfortunately for the builders of my house, if my memory serves correctly, I don’t let humans see my home and live. Well, tough luck. People would do anything for money back then. That was during the Great Depression. One of the cell doors screeched loudly as I opened it. The metal felt cold and and harsh to my hand. I put him down in his cell and slammed the door shut, leaving him lying on a small bed-like ledge. Light shining through a small crevice that I suspected was a drainage vent. I had a camera in every cell so I would know when he woke up. I walked up the slippery stairs again and into the, in comparison to the labyrinth, light filled room. This was troubling. It was the second tine I had had to deal with someone who I suspected was sent by Hecta. I pulled on a coat and walked out the door. Today I was going to get some answers. I always got answers. One way or another.

Darkhold: Chapter 2 by Ian L


Drawing by Ian



24 hours before


The rest of the day I was strutting around as if I was the best in the world (which I am by the way if you haven’t noticed). I had ticked off Hecta. In the old days we had to use human spies and unreliable sources, but partly due to the industrial revolution it was now much easier to spy. We practically knew each others habits and hobbies. For instance I knew Hecta knew that I brushed my teeth only once every week. I had found a video camera planted in the bathroom. How he got it there I don’t know. I am very old, a couple thousand years, and am from northwestern Europe. Near Norway and Finland. My name is Vlad, which was given to be my an old fishermen who almost had a heart attack when he saw me. Poor man, he may not have died from a heart attack, but he killed himself the day after. This was presumably  because of the guise I was using when he saw me. All I am trying to say is that that is the first name I was given so that is the name I use.

I was sitting in a meditative posture. My eyes snapped open as I detected movement behind me. It was nothing. Then again I really thought something had been behind me. Hmmmph. There was only the sound of the fan whirring gently in the background and the crickets chirping as I got up and walked over to the table. It was an old table. Probably the most valuable artifact left in the house. Of course I had had much more valuable possessions. Unfortunately I had lost most of them in the Great Chicago fire of 1871. I had lived in Chicago back then. I live in Boston now. It was very annoying and I suspected that Hecta’s hands were not clean. Again I heard a noise and I whipped around. This time I saw the source. There was a young man with a black mask and black clothing standing in the door frame. He winced and opened his mouth. I walked towards him and looked the man in his eyes.

“What is your name?” I asked him. I stared at him. Suddenly he broke and blurted out in a torrent of words,

“My name is Quinn McMurphy” He had a slight Irish accent that gave his ancestry away almost immediately. Plus his name…

“An Irish man I see,” I told him.

“How did you know?” He asked sarcastically. I smiled. I could play that game with him all day. I don’t know, I genuinely like people who are sarcastic when they are nervous. They remind me of myself.

I still didn’t answer

“I will ask the questions here,” I told him in a cold voice. He nodded, obviously scared. I had him now. “First question,” I cleared my throat, “What are you doing here?”

“Well—” He glanced at me cautiously. I nodded for him to go on. “There was this man,” He told me.

“Who was this man”?” I asked him.

“Well, he was hooded, so I couldn’t tell,” That made me annoyed. How bad a liar was this guy. Personally I knew how to lie very well.

Nobody wears cloaks and hoods anymore!” I yelled at him exasperated. Well, except for me. Again, he winced. Such a bad liar. At least I thought he was lying. It was all together possible he was telling the truth.

“He made me swear though. Not to tell anyone who he was” That stopped me. It seamed that this impostor had a sense of honor. But why would he keep his oath when his life was on the line. He seemed to read my mind.

“My wife and kids’ lives are at stake,” Quinn continued.

“What are you here for though?” I questioned.

“The Dagger of Darkhold,” the man answered.

My Creative Writing By Josh K

Lately my writing has been slow, I do not have many ideas and nothing sparks an idea. I need a real villain in my story, but can’t come up with one. I have ideas for making it a three story series. Here is another excerpt from my story, “Me Job”

I was completely distracted from our football game that week. I couldn’t pay any attention at practices so I didn’t learn that the flea flicker signal had been changed. That game I was confident we were going to beat the Greensboro Gale even though we were away. The Gale won the coin toss. They chose to kick and have the momentum at halftime.

Griffin jogged out to the end zone to receive the kick. Boom! You could hear the noise of the kicker kicking it, that’s one of my favorite football sounds, except when Griffin fumbles that kick. The ball was loose, but he scooped it back up, stalling the defense, breaking a tackle and racing down the field. The field was wide open for about 60 yards until one defender caught up. Griffin reached the 10 yard line but didn’t shake that defender. At the 5 yard line he dove. It seemed like slow-mo as Griffin outstretched his whole body and you heard it crash! The defender hit him but some how Griffin hung on. Touchdown Raptors! The few Raptors parents were going crazy as the Gale fans groaned.

Our kicker, Tommy followed with a touchback and our defense forced a three and out. Griffin received the punt and took it back 46 yards to midfield. I thrust my helmet on and jogged out onto the field. I called a pass play in the huddle. “Lets go!” I said to get my team pumped up. I threw a pass to our tight end number 45 ,who dropped it. I called a sweep to Robbie. (Tip, This play always works in Madden)But not in real life Robbie was caught for a loss of five. I overthrew a pass to Henry. 4th down and time to punt. I walked off the field in disgust after our horrible drive. The Gale were eating up the clock and picking up little gains of 6 ,8 , and,3 yards tiring our defense they eventually scored and we were down 14-7 going into halftime.


Coming out of halftime we were absolutely fired up from Coach Anderson’s speech. Our defense forced a fumble and one of our linemen returned it 33 yards for a touchdown. That had me going crazy. By the fourth quarter the score was 21-17 Gale. There were five minutes left and we got the ball at our own 15 yard line. Robbie chipped away at the clock, first and ten, six more four here, pitch there. The clock was running out and Robbie showed no signs of tiring out. I threw a deep pass to Henry but it was nearly intercepted.  All right, there was 00:07 on the clock and we had 1 timeout. It was third and 10 from midfield the smart thing to do would be to throw a medium pass to Griffin and let him run, but there was very little time to do that. We had to do our Flea Flicker, I got the signal from coach and called the play. Our O-Line looked at me I was crazy but we went with it. I threw a perfect pitch to Robbie, but he wasn’t even there, he was streaking down the field just like all my receivers. A defensive player pounced on the ball as time ran out.

(Coach broke his headset) What had gone wrong? I called the right play but my receivers didn’t do the right play. Coach screamed in my ear, “I CALLED THE HAIL MARY!!!! DID YOU EVEN NOTICE WHEN I CHANGED THE SIGNAL THURSDAY AT PRACTICE,OR WERE YOU JUST  WORRYING ABOUT YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?!” “I’m sorry coach.” I replied. “Go run.” he yelled. I did.

Darkhold: Chapter 1 by Ian L

Drawing by Ian

   Here is the first chapter of my story.  Please comment below by telling me what I need to improve on or whatever else you want to say about my story. I hope you enjoy!




John woke up with a grunt. He had had a very strange dream. He had been some sort of creature and had faced a man named Hecta. But it was just a dream. Just a dream John repeated to himself. It seemed so real though. Breakfast was fine, but his dream was still haunting him. Who was he? John did not know a Hecta. The only person he knew whose name started with an h was his best friend, Henry. It was all very strange. Maybe it was just a hallucination. It was so real though! Hah! What was he thinking! It was just a dream! Just a dream, he repeated to himself to calm his nerves. This would be embarrassing if people knew I was taking a dream seriously. The door squeaked when John opened it. A draft of cold air swept into the room and he pulled on a sweatshirt so he wouldn’t feel the cold as much. All of a sudden a voice said, “Come to me.” He looked around. It was just me. He started walking to school. The walk was long and tiring and he arrived to school five minutes late. He heard the voice again, “Come to me.” This time it sounded like someone was saying it right into his ear. John almost jumped. Again John just shrugged it off as himself, but throughout the day he kept hearing the voice. It was as if he was going crazy. The more John thought he going crazy the more it became the truth. The more he heard The Voice. It seemed that it was his own brain thinking it, but it wasn’t. John was distracted in class and couldn’t remember any of the things that I had read the previous night. When he got back to my house no one was there. That was strange. His parents were always there. Plus they would have left a note. Strange. He shook his head. Even though John was confused he just did my homework and waited for them to return. They didn’t. He made myself dinner and waited for them to return. They didn’t. It was all part of some plan. They just forgot to leave a note. He convinced myself that they would come back. They didn’t. John woke up in the morning and could already tell that that day was going to be bad. For a start he woke up discombobulated and then spilled his cereal all over himself.

Darkhold: Prologue by Ian L 11/28/11

Drawing by Ian

I started this story early in fifth grade. I abandoned it after writing a little and decided to not write anymore. Then later in the year I picked up where I left off and wrote some more that week. I again got bored with my story and moved on to other things. Sports, friends, and other stuff. I recently picked up again and wrote another couple pages. I will try to give a chapter a day if I get comments. If lots of people comment I will dust off some older short stories that I wrote in 4th grade and post them. Those are much shorter, but I will still have to post them in segments. I will try my best to edit both the short stories and Darkhold, but if you see mistakes please, talk to me if you can. So here goes nothing…




Hecta turned to face me. His face was dark and he was frowning. I looked at him questioningly. “Why have you come here? We had an agreement,” he said in his annoyingly deep voice. I smirked at him arrogantly.

“An agreement you broke first,” I countered.

“Leave me in peace before I get angry and decide to destroy you,” he went on. Always so dramatic. He knew I was more powerful.

“If you are so fond of preaching our agreement then why did I have to deal with one particular thief trying to rob me of a very valuable artifact?” I was out of breath after I finished. Hecta’s eyes were still cold and hard.

“What does this have to do with me?” Hecta asked. I smirked at him again just because I was one of the only people that could.

“Well after some considerable torturing he uttered one word. That word was quite revealing. Can you guess what word he told me?” He shrugged.

“What was it?”

“Well, he told me your name, Hecta. I thought I told you, you never tell people your name. But you did and you will pay for it,” I said.

“Leave now,” Hecta said.

“Bite me,” I taunted and turned my back on him. Hecta gave an angry growl and lunged at me. Just before he hit me I willed myself into non-existence. I wished myself home. I disappeared.