Crêpes by: Ellie








In French class we got to make crêpes. We first added something 8 eggs and then we added a little bit of milk and 50 buckets of flour. A few boys whipped the batter so it was nice and thick. It looked a little bit like pancake batter. My French teacher added a bit of milk to make the batter thinner but not too thin.

Then we walked to the teacher’s lounge in the 5th grade area. My teacher did the first two to demonstrate how to make crêpes. She poured the batter quickly into the pan and rolled it around until it was all across the pan. We all watched for about a minute and then she flipped the crêpe and took it out of the pan. One by one everyone put batter into the pan and watched their crêpe being made. When it was my turn, I put the batter in the pan and watched my crêpe batter roll around in the pan until finally it was done. I walked over to the fillings bar and took a little bit of Nutella and spread it all over the crêpe. I folded it up and took a bite. I didn’t really taste the pastry part of the crêpe, just the Nutella. As I watched the rest of the people go, I ate my crêpe with happiness.

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