Davi’s Grammar Project

In Mrs. Donnelly’s class, we had to make a grammar project on a specific grammar rule. I chose run-on sentences. I chose this topic because I always make run-on sentences. Then I don’t know if it’s a run on sentence or not. This just drives me crazy. So I decided to choose this topic for my grammar project. It was really fun to research it, and my presentation made the class laugh. It made me feel proud. Overall, I think that I did pretty well on my grammar project. People laughed, Mrs. Donnelly laughed, I had the correct info, and it was fun presenting. Those are the aspects of a good presentation and a good grade.

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Pumpkins!!!! by Davi


Photo by Senor Glass

For our first Community Service day, we first went to Bruegger’s for lunch. Then we came back to DA and decorated a pumpkin. After we finished decorating our pumpkins, we took them to the Duke Children’s Hospital. It felt really good to be able to give the kids at the hospital the Halloween that they couldn’t have because they’re sick.

The woman that met us said that instead of going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, the children go in the hospital. If they see a ghost on a door, that means that they should trick-or-treat at that room. Since some of the kids can’t have candy, the hospital gives out small trinkets; pens, pencils, notepads, erasers, magnets, stickers, etc. The hospital also celebrates other holidays, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. The place is really cool, and it looks like a really nice place to be if you’re sick. That’s all for my community service project.

Who Wants To Write A Story? By Davi

Who in Mrs. Donnelly’s class wants to be an author someday? I know I do. If you do, then post on this blog post the answers to the following things: What you want to write about and what genre do you want to write. After we decide on a topic, every week one of us will write a chapter for the book. They don’t need to be long chapters, but try not to make it only one page. If we keep doing this until the end of the year, we might have ourselves a story! Now isn’t this a good idea? I really think so. At the end of the quarter, everybody will decide on a topic. I hope this works, good day.

Favorite Books by Davi

Books. There are a lot of them, but only a few earn the title of best book. Post your favorite books on this post and at the end of the quarter, I will tally up the votes and pick out some winners.  If you want, also post your favorite authors so I can also tally those. Thanks;)

I Am Proud Of…By Davi

I am proud of climbing to the top of the climbing wall at Camp Cheerio. At my old school, we also went to a camp, and at the camp there was also a climbing wall. I never got to the top of this one, not even halfway up. I don’t know what happened to me at Camp Cheerio. Maybe it was the environment that gave me strength to climb all the way to the top. Maybe it was the thought that if I got higher, I got more time going down in the electric belayer. The belayer was really fun to go down with. There were some walls in that area that I knew that I couldn’t scale. I went on them anyway just to go down on the belayer. I thought that I was doing that on this climbing wall but I climbed to the top. Thanks for reading my I Am Proud Of by yours truly, Davi Spiro-Gheiler.

If your have any questions about Camp Cheerio, climbing walls, my old school, or anything else, just post a comment on my blog, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.




Series Review Davi: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull


I’m going to review the series Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I like this series because the suspense in the books is really good. I also like how Mull adds a whole different reality to our “normal” reality. It makes you wonder, are we really alone in this world? If not, then are the other being(s) sharing the world with us friendly or hostile? Mull creates this whole world that none of the main characters even imagined was real, and then hits them in the face with the news. “Hey, all the creatures that you have ever heard of in myths and legends are real. Have a nice day!!” I especially love the suspense at the end of his books. Mull ends with something crucial, like one of the main characters dying, or getting kidnapped, or the main antagonist in the series is suddenly free from his/her unbreakable prison. In conclusion, I hope you love this series as much as I did. But if you don’t, post a comment on this blog post explaining why.