Decisions, Decisions

How do you make a decision? This is one of the many reasons I love learning with middle school students every day. There is something in that prefrontal cortex! We brainstormed all of the decisions we make from sunrise to sunset. Next, I asked them to think about how a decision is made. Really break it down. What goes on in your head? Here are some of the highlights:

*I make decisions based on how I feel
*Decisions eventually come down to your moral compass
*I go with my gut
*I look at my choices, think of the outcome, what chance is it going to be a good outcome? set mind to the decision I choose
*I think of how it benefits me and others
*If I don’t study Spanish, my mom will kill me so that decision is made
*For tough decisions, I talk with other people and do pros and cons


Students get to decide what they read, where to work in the room, and what resources they need to engage in a task.


How do you make decisions in your life?

End of year 2011 by Matthew

Some memories from 2011 are…

Last Shuttle-

The last shuttle launch was launched last summer. The new program, the oOion, will probably start in 2014

Space Shuttle

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Japan Attack- Earthquake and Tsunami attacked Japan last year.


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Steve Jobs- Steve Jobs died last year, sad moment for the world.


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But 2012 is coming, a whole new year. Let’s make it a good year.

Decision Making by Moshe I.

Woman with travel books

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In Language Arts we talked about decision making and here are some questions I had. How many decisions do you make in a day? Some decisions you don’t even think about. What makes you buy a video game.? Should kids be allowed to use computers in school? Should we unblock Youtube at school? Why do you watch TV? Why do you work? What makes you go to school? What job do you want when you grow up? Think of all the decisions you make in a day. Do I sleep or stay awake in school? Should I take out the trash or wait until someone tells me to? We make a lot of decisions so make sure they are good.

Decision Making By Mariana R.

Decision Making is a hard thing to do. Sometimes we make mistakes and go the wrong way in Decision Making. If we go the wrong way in Decision Making what do we do? I think that many people get scared and don’t know what to do or they just keep quiet and pretend like they never made a bad decision. There is no one person in this whole universe who has never made a bad decision. Everybody has made many bad decisions. It’s part of life. I think that even newborn babies make a tiny bad decision. Every person in the world has made more good decisions that bad decisions. Here are some situations where you would have to choose to make a bad, good, or not so good decision; if you were a little kid and your ball went in the middle of the street and there were many cars on the road would you go after it or stay back and ask an adult to get it? What I would do? I would go to my mom and tell her that my ball went in the middle of the road. That would be a good decision. Another example, you are in a store with your mom and she tells you not to touch anything because she is mad at you. Do you go and touch something and make her even madder or do you just follow what she says? This example could be answered any way because it could be from a little kid’s point of view or a grown ups point of view. What I would do?  I would follow my mom. Before you make a decision you have to think if it’s a good decision, a bad one, or a not so good one. Will it get you in trouble? Will it help you? Just think before you decide; that will help you. You won’t be perfect but you will be better off. I think that it was good that my teachers bring this up with the laptop pilot program.


Snow Cone Decision

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