Picture with a Dolphin by Annie N


Photo from FlickrCC

I was in Florida with my family and we went to the Miami Seacuarium to see the whale show. I got soaked because I walked up to the area where the whale jumped up because I was really hot that day. After the show was over I saw a man yelling “Swimming and pictures with Dolphins!” over and over again. I asked my mom if I could swim with one since I have always wanted to so we asked how long would the swimming be and he said 30 minutes so it wasn’t worth it so we took a picture instead. We where waiting in line and you could see the dolphins jump out of the water on to a little wet and slippery platform. It was finally our turn. The man said that the dolphins name was Indigo. He jumped out of the water and right in front of us. He felt hard, rubbery, wet, and cold. ” Smile” and it was over. I wish I could go to that day again.