Dragonland chapter 3 by Matthew

Here is the third chapter in Dragonland. I hope you enjoy it!

​Chapter 3

​Finding Mark

Good! Ian, you’re awake. Sorry I blasted you with water. We have to go find Mark. “I’m injured forever,” he complained. “You are not…” I said, “you will heal quickly”. “How?” he asked. I explained that water might injure him, but he will heal just as fast.

​As we set off, I heard some distant screaming. I figured it was Simon screaming that Mark was injured but I wasn’t sure. I ran to his house.

​”OF COURSE I AM IT’S MARK THAT’S NOT OKAY!!!” he screamed back.

​Simon explained to me how Mark was thrown off of a cliff.

​”Is he okay?” I asked. Then I realized how stupid I sounded. Of course he was not okay. Well, at the time no but he would heal. Then I sensed something. Mark just landed in the water. “Okay guys Ian and I are going to jump off this cliff and Mark will bring us back up it. You ready Ian?

​”Let’s go!” he replied. We jumped. The fall took forever. I finally sensed we were getting close. I looked down. Bad move! I landed face first onto the water. Mark was so startled he almost pelted me. Ian had landed ten times better than I did.

​”Come on!” Mark said.

​”I’ll stay here guys. I’ll heal before I come up.” I said.

​”You sure?” asked Mark.

​”I CAN TUNNEL!!!” I screamed. Ian and Mark started climbing.

 •      •      •

​An hour later I decided to climb up the tower. I made it up in five minutes. The whole group was worried. Even Robert and Eric were there.

​”Where were you?” Ian asked.

​”Just for once Ian! You know where I was!!!” I said angrily.

​​”Oh yeah!” he replied.

​if there had only been another dinosaur around… Mark would be gone forever.

Dragonland Chapter 2 by Matthew

Here is chapter 2 of Dragonland. This is actually the chapter that you find out what the last chapter was. I hope to finish chapter 3 by February 28.

Chapter 2

The Raging Creatures

I woke to Ian shaking me and yelling, “MARK IS GONE! MARK IS GONE!” I sat up. “Polar bears? Attacking?” I groaned. “NO MATTHEW! MARK IS GONE!” That time I heard it. Mark was gone? I could not afford to lose another brother. I immediately asked Ian, “What happened?” Ian answered, “A dinosaur broke into the house and then Mark turned into a dragon! It was so scary! Mark tried to attack but the dinosaur hit him! Then he unsheathed his sword and swung at mark! Mark flew away and the dinosaur followed him!” I wondered a million thoughts at once. Why did he not attack me? I’m the second most powerful dragon there is? Why did he just follow Mark? Why did he not attack all of us? “Ian,” I managed, “You saw all of that?” Ian answered, “Yes.” I thought it might be an April fool’s joke considering it was April first, but no. Ian said it was all real. I got ready to tell Ian what I didn’t want to tell him ever. “Ian, you are one of us. A dragon. You can think you are a dragon at any time and turn into a dragon.” “Well, who is my dad? Another dragon?” He asked. I replied, “Ian, I am your dad. I imagined you and you came alive at what a regular human would be age 3.” “WELL THEN WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE CARE OF ME LIKE REAL DADS DO?” Screamed Ian. I said with sangfroid, “I did take care of you. I was you teacher all from preschool to last year. This year I changed my age to be a new student ready to prepare you for training.” Ian looked shocked. “How many kids have you had?” I told him, “5. I have had you, Dalton, Theo, Josh, and Sean.” “DALTON’S YOUR KID!?! AWESOME! WE’RE BROTHERS!” Ian yelled with excitement, “Who took care of them?” “Mark did.” I said sadly. “Who will take care of them now?” Ian asked. “Lets find out!” I said, determined to find him. “He’s dead.” Ian said coldly. “NO HE IS NOT!” I screamed, “YOU HAVE NO LAND POWERS AT ALL!” Ian fell to the ground. I realized I had blasted my son with the most powerful blast of water I could. Luckily, he would heal quickly and we could get to work.

Dragonland By Matthew

This is a story that is in progress. I have a lot more in my journal but this is the first chapter.


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Part one: The New Creature

Chapter 1: Polar Earth

    Wham! The giant Polar Bear’s foot hit the ground. “Whoa!” yelled David. “Our house!” screamed Michael. The house gets completely demolished. “John’s missing,” Cathy whispered. “He was inside!” Yelled Nick. The Polar Bear charged at Nick. “David!!!” he yelled. David picked up a rock and chucked it. The rock ended up hitting the bear in the eye. “He’s dead!” yelled Jenny. Everyone was thrilled until they saw a different polar bear charging at them. They all ran away but a log tripped them and they fell into the ground. Nothing was heard of them again.
“Awesome!” yelled Lucy as she went out for metal from the mine. She heard loud footsteps charging from the town. Luckily, Lucy could run faster than the speed of light. She ran away from the beast at top speed. In five seconds, Lucy heard no footsteps. She stopped and looked at her pedometer. She had ran 100 miles in five seconds. Lucy suddenly saw somebody in the distance, and she could tell it was not a polar bear. “I thought I was the only human left in the world, but I guess I am not! What’s your name?” asked Lucy. “My name is John. What’s your name?” he asked. “My name is Lucy.” she responded.
Five years later, 100 twin babies were born. 50 were boys and 50 were girls. All of them had kids and the population started to grow.

One hundred ninety nine years later, Troy comes up on an egg. Cool! It’s a egg that’s hatching! “Whoa! That’s one of those thing ma bobs that we learned about in history!” said Josh. “A Polar Bear.” “Let’s take it to scientist James!” said Troy. “Good Idea!” said Josh. So they took the tiny egg-hatched polar bear to their grandfather James.

“Ho Ho Ho. Look what we have here. Two evil nephews who are trying to take over the world. We must executive them,” said James. So later that month They had Troy and Josh executed. The polar bear was quickly killed.

Josh’s and Troy’s parents got really mad at James. They gathered up a huge army of people and attacked James office. James Survived and gathered up another army. He had a few people try to make him a potion that will make him immortal. The war took a lot of people out of the population and made the earth less full. And that was more bad news. Big reptilian creatures called dinosaurs had not actually gone extinct. Dinosaurs were now pairing up with the immortal James.