Lady Or Tiger by: Ellie M

The man took a step toward the wooden doors. One door was darker, the other one was lighter. This showed who lives, who dies. Then, he looked around at the ugly masonry, with nails sticking out and holes in the stone, that made up the amphitheater. Then he looked up at the king’s terrace. The brick walls stood out against the stone. He took another step forward andanother and another until he found himself standing in front of the right door.
He reached for the doorknob, grasped the knob’s rough material and glanced at the princess.She nodded her head with a slight smile across her face. The man took a deep breath and blew her a kiss. She just nodded her head. “What if she doesn’t want me anymore?” he whispered to himself, “Of course she wants me.” With the sudden boost of confidence, he turned the knob and pushed forward.
The door swung open to a dark corridor. On one side there were skulls of the men that died. Onthe other side there were bouquets of flowers that were in everybody’s wedding. The man took a step in and looked at one of the skulls. It was cracked in half, bloody, and missing a few teeth. Hewalked to the other wall and smelled a bouquet of roses. Then, there was a sharp pain in his leg.He turned around and saw the tiger. Then he felt nothing.

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Talk to Your Teen by: Ellie

In LA, we are reading cosmic. Liam is the main character and he is reading Talk to Your Teen. Here is some advice I would add.

When your child has a test or a quiz, NEVER put pressure on them to get a certain score or higher. This makes it harder to do well. Instead, make sure you support them before they take a test or a quiz. When your child gets that test or quiz back make sure that you are enthusiastic if they get a good score. If your child gets a 98, you should congratulate them, not say something like “You can do better.”

If I Were A Grown Up…. By: Ellie





I would wake up, in the morning and eat breakfast. Most likely it would be pancakes or waffles. Then I would go to the beach from my beach house on Bald Head Island. I would walk along the beach and see the dolphins playing in the ocean. Then I would sit on the beach. Then I would go to work (at home). Like a normal person, I would work until dinner, then I would check the weather because of it is rainy, I have to pull the golf cart into the mini-garage.

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“The Battle of the Labyrinth” by: Ellie M.

Photo by Ellie

The Battle of the Labyrinth is the fourth book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riodan. In this book, Percy and his friends travel down into a vast underground maze called the Labyrinth to delay an opposing force from destroying Camp Half-Blood. Little do they know what is in the actually in the Labyrinth…

The maze takes them all across America, from the Empire State Building to Alcatraz prison on their way to finding Daedalus’s workshop. They run into two gods and each say Percy has the answer to find the workshop. What does Percy know?

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The Helpful Vine by: Ellie

The Helpful Vine

There once were two squirrels that were the monarchs of the forest. They were both queens and sisters. The Queen, named Queen Acorn, and her sister, Queen Nut, were terribly distraught that their wise rabbit had left them. “How will we live without our dear rabbit?” Acorn whined.

“My Queen, I will assemble five squirrels and five rabbits to find him and I swear on my tail that they will find him,” one squirrel said.

“Yeah, but who trusts you with something so important?” Another piped in, “I certainly don’t.”

“Sister, do you think that they will find him?” Acorn asked lightly through choked tears.

“Of course they will, but I think I should be the one to choose the animals.”

“Yes, sister I believe you should.”

So they chose the five healthiest squirrels and the four healthiest rabbits. Then they picked their smartest rabbit and off they went.

From that day on, the beloved Queen Acorn got weaker and weaker with sadness. After a month she wouldn’t leave her room. It scared Queen Nut to see her sister in so much sadness, so as a gift she gave her a vine and placed it by her bed while Queen Acorn was asleep. When Queen Acorn awoke she noticed the vine and went to touch it. The moment her claw touched it, the vine started to talk.

“Finally, someone touched me!” the vine said.

“Excuse me, but why are you talking?”

“Me? Oh please, I’ve been able to talk for ages. You aren’t the only things that can talk”

“Ok, then… I sort of don’t want to talk, so don’t bother me”

“And why is that?”

“I am grieving so leave me alone”

“And why is that?”

“My, wisest rabbit has left me,” the vine laughed.

“Are you serious? That’s the problem?”

“Yes, and stop laughing at me before I throw you out of my woods and off a cliff.”

“I’m sorry, I just know that rabbit that left you, he was a smart one too.” Instead of making Acorn feel better, he made her start crying more than she was already.

“I’m sorry, again, but I want you to know that he left because you were relying on him too much and you didn’t make your choices by yourself.” The vine continued, “I think he didn’t understand what he meant to you but his leaving will help you in the long run.”

“Yes, I guess so, but a man swore on his tail that he would find him,” the Queen replied.

“Well that stinks for his tail then.”

“Yes, I guess so.” The Queen put a small smile on her face, something that hadn’t been seen in a month. She got up and went outside of her tree and went into her woods.

Moral: Don’t rely on somebody else.

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iPad Tips by: Ellie

If you are having problems with your iPad turn the app off. (double click home, then press and hold one of the apps and then press the minus button) If that still doesn’t work then turn your iPad all the way off. To turn your iPad all the way off you press and hold the off button until you are able to slide an arrow. You slide the arrow and the iPad will turn off. This will take about a minute. Them you keep pressing the off button until there is an apple in the middle of the screen. Your iPad is now turning on and when it turns all the way on then you go back to the problem you were having and retry to do whatever you were doing. If this doesn’t work then go to an Apple store and get it fixed.







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Crêpes by: Ellie








In French class we got to make crêpes. We first added something 8 eggs and then we added a little bit of milk and 50 buckets of flour. A few boys whipped the batter so it was nice and thick. It looked a little bit like pancake batter. My French teacher added a bit of milk to make the batter thinner but not too thin.

Then we walked to the teacher’s lounge in the 5th grade area. My teacher did the first two to demonstrate how to make crêpes. She poured the batter quickly into the pan and rolled it around until it was all across the pan. We all watched for about a minute and then she flipped the crêpe and took it out of the pan. One by one everyone put batter into the pan and watched their crêpe being made. When it was my turn, I put the batter in the pan and watched my crêpe batter roll around in the pan until finally it was done. I walked over to the fillings bar and took a little bit of Nutella and spread it all over the crêpe. I folded it up and took a bite. I didn’t really taste the pastry part of the crêpe, just the Nutella. As I watched the rest of the people go, I ate my crêpe with happiness.

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Grammar Project by: Ellie

My grammar project was on verbs. When I got up I was soooooooooo nervous. When I got going I was a little less nervous but I was still nervous. As I went over helping verbs + action verbs = verb phrase I realized that I forgot to put a picture on my ending page (which was my next slide). I went to the next slide and hoped it would have looked as good as with the picture. Once past the end page with no obvious boo’s I felt relieved. One rule is: In the sentence “The pasta tastes good” tastes is a linking verb because you can replace it with linking verb is.

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Sandwiches by: Ellie

For community service my advisory and I made sandwiches for people in need. We put one slice of bologna and one slice of cheese per sandwich. I was in a group with Ellie and Lydia and I did the bread, Lydia did the bologna, and Ellie did the cheese. I would get two pieces of bread and send them down to Lydia. Lydia would put one piece of bologna on the sandwich and she would pass that down to Ellie. Ellie would put a piece of cheese on and then give it to the packer. I would help Ellie and Lydia because bread was so easy and it got backed up with cheese. I really liked making sandwiches and our advisory made 400+ sandwiches in 59 minutes this was a new record!

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