Reflection on Laptops! By: Forbes C

I really like having a laptop. When I first received it I felt very trusted, excited, and scared. I get to bring this home and to every class with me until sometime in February! I have this application called Evernote. Evernote is a note taking system that allows you to work on homework, projects, tests, quizzes, and many more. Another thing you have to do with your laptop is take care of your laptop. It is a very big responsibility. You have to make sure it is charged.


Lego Stormtrooper in front of a Mac sign

Computers By: Davis

I have been using the computers for over a week now and I already love them. These will change the laptops forever. We have the chance to take these home. If Durham Academy continues on this path this will be one of the best schools in the nation. I don’t want to get into the deal of paying for these computers. I am using the application Evernote for taking notes in class so that after school I can look at what I learned for the day. I wish that you could feel the independence that I feel.

Laptop Pilot Program (LPP) by Ashwin


MacBook WhiteRight now I’m part of the LPP and there has been many changes some for the better, some for the worse. I feel that for me it’s working but there are still many bumps in the road. There’s been only a few problems with texting, taking photo’s without permission, using YouTube and playing games while class is going on. Now it seem’s like for many people using our laptops has become a part of a regular school day. At the same time there’s the iPPP ( iPAd Pilot Program) has been going on. Many students are extremely disappointed that they didn’t get laptops and some people who have laptops want iPads. We only have 40 devices for the entire grade of nearly 100 students. There is access to laptops and desktop computers at school for students who do not take them home during the pilot. There’s has also been the problem of getting organized with your computer. Here’s a how-to list which should cover the basics:

  • Always remember to charge your computer every night

In many classes they don’t let you charge it

  • Use your cleaning wipes wisely

Use them only when you really need them and share it with a friend

  • Try not to mess around on it

A teacher will see you and take away the computer

There is also a positive side to the computer. You can take notes with it ( Use a program called Ever Note), you can study, and you can do homework. Remember there are always two sides to an argument and that you can support the choice of computers or the choice of no computer.

Laptop Reflection by:Isha


LaptopMacBook Pro 15″ Unibody

  Laptop Reflection

Laptops are a really big help at school. The apps we can get on here help us with everyday life. Evernote and several other apps that you will learn about will help you organize homework, schedules, and take notes. Even though laptops are very helpful they take a lot of responsibility. Each and every day you have to make sure they are charged. When you come to school you have to bring it along. If you need to take notes you should ask your teacher just to make sure they are okay with it. On Evernote you can record your whole class! Again if you are going to do this ask your teacher. I love having laptops because they make my school life a whole lot easier.

How to Make a Note In Evernote By Gus


Evernote icon

     Today I will tell you how to make note in Evernote. It’s quite simple. Just click on the “New Note” at the top of the main page. After that you can name your note, for example “First note in Evernote.”  After you put in your title, you can type in whatever you want. Let’s just say I type in “This is my first note”. After you do that, you can create a notebook, and you can chose which notebook to put it in by clicking the tab right next to your title. You can create many different notebooks.  Let’s just put it in the notebook you might’ve just created. It is very, very useful to take notes in Evernote because you can make a to-do list using it. I use Evernote almost every day for putting in homework and other important activities. I hope this was useful to you, and I would like to have feedback about whether you like it or not.