I Am Grateful For….by Mrs. D

3 girls

I am grateful for my family. We have three incredible daughters who teach us something new every day. I like how they are involved in activities that are familiar to me and some things that are completely new. Nicole is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education which I know about but she loves to sing. I cannot even begin to do that, especially on stage! Jordan and Brynn play soccer, which I am familiar with, but they play on the field. I was a keeper so I learn something every time I watch them play. I am grateful for my family every day!

If I Woke Up As An Adult by Haley C

If I woke up as an adult I would be living in a big apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City. My kids will go to private schools and get a good education and get into Ivy League Schools. I would have graduated from Yale University, majoring in journalism. My husband would be on the board of many major companies and go to meetings all day, while I planned future parties and things like that. We would eat at famous restaurants and go on fun vacations in Paris during the summer and go to Aspen in the winter. We would be a happy family.