What Memory Would I Give Away? By Davi



In Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver, the Giver gives memories to the main character Jonas, as part of his training. The memory then disappears, or fades to almost nothing.

I would give away the memory of the beach in Peru. I would give this memory away because it is one of the best I have. The community in The Giver probably doesn’t know what a beach is, so I want to give them that memory. The beach is fun, beautiful, and not always crowded. The residents of the town in The Giver would, most certainly enjoy a memory of the beach.

The Giver First Memory by David

Photo Taken of My Book!

In our class, we are discussing what memory would be the first to give to Jonas. If it was my decision, I would give him the memory of all of the Receivers before him learning to be a Receiver. This would show him how important the job was, and how it can be good and bad. It would show him to live his job, and be proud.


Memory I Would Give by Charlie

If I had a memory to give away first it would be of Pain. The pain I felt when I broke my arm. The Pain I felt when I broke my collarbone. The Pain I felt when I got a hole in my forehead (stupid freakin bed post). The Pain I felt when my foot got stabbed. Or maybe it would be anguish. The Anguish of losing my gerbils as a child, all 7 of them. The Anguish I felt when I had to leave everything in Australia, the anguish of leaving all those friends behind, knowing I would never see them again. Or maybe even Hate. The hate I feel towards people who hurt others.  The hate I feel towards the people who make it their unassigned jobs to hurt me. The People who have nothing better to do but to ruin other people’s lives. Or maybe to give nothing, for who would I be without all these feelings. Who would I be. Who.

Memory by: Lucy W.

Photo Drawn by Me

In Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver.” In this book Jonas a young boy lives in a perfect community, no pain, no war and no choices. Though, Jonas has been chosen to be the new Receiver, who is a person who receives all memories from the past, including pain, war, feelings and happiness. The current Receiver trains Jonas by transmitting memories to him of the past. Jonas has to experience everything that the Giver had which includes lots of pain.

If I were the Receiver, the first memory I would give away would be the beach. The beach is very peaceful, comforting, and relaxing. It would be a good memory where Jonas would experience warmth and comfort. He would see the seagulls flying above him looking for food, and he would see the shells all different shapes and sizes. He would hear the ocean and the children laughing while playing in the water. He would feel the sand beneath him, warm and soft. He would be happy, lying their the sun beaming down on him, it would be his happy place to go to when he was in pain, or needed to get away. It would be a pleasant, perfect memory to give away.


Memory by Miriam D.

Image Drawn by Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we are reading The Giver. The Giver has to give away his memories to the new Receiver. If I was in his position, the first memory I would give to the new Receiver would be my memory of lacrosse. It is my favorite sport and I would hate being in a world without it. I would share the feeling of nervousness before a game, the tension when your team has the ball, and the happiness when your team wins. I would hope that it would give the new Receiver a memory of fun, friends, and sportsmanship.


My First Memory I Would Give by Katie

Photo draw by Katie using Doodle Buddy.

In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. The Giver gave Jonas the memory of snow and sledding. If I was the Giver, the memory I would give would be a memory that shows calmness and peacefulness. The memory would take place on the ocean in a sail boat. You would be riding along on the boat listening to the birds chirping and the waves crashing on the beach. You would look around, but only see the beach and water around you. You would relax. Let your mind relax and forget about all your troubles. Then just before it ends, the sun starts to set and you end it with seeing the pretty sunset while in the boat. That is the first memory I would give.


My Memory I Would Give First by Neil

In the book The Giver there is a person that keeps all the memories so the people don’t have to suffer from the terrible memories. That person is called the Giver. The Giver suffers from all the bad memories, but there are also many good memories. As he gets old he has to give these memories to Jonas the future Giver. He is called the Receiver. If I were the Giver the first memory I would give the Receiver is the memory of hope. Hope is an important feeling to have. Times are hard in The Giver and I think the Receiver really needs hope to make things better.


Memory by Nate V

Photo by Nate

In language arts we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver Jonas gets memories from the receiver. The memory I would give first would be a memory of a sled going down a hill in the snow. I would give this memory because it is a fun introduction to memory sharing. It would also be a calm memory before the pain memories. That is why I would share the sled memory first.


Memory I Would Give Away by Keenan


I the Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. The first memory that the Giver gave to Jonas was the memory of riding on a sled. The first memory that I would give away is the memory of the beach. On the beach you can surf and build things like sand castles. This would be a good memory to give away first because the would give the Receiver the memory of fun. Fun is one of the most important memories.


My First Memory I Would Give By Joanna






If I was the Giver, I would give the memory of hiking in the mountains first, so the Receiver could get a big hill and a town and sunshine and maybe some snow all at the same time! In the memory, you would be in the middle of the mountainside and you would be looking out at the other mountains and at the bottom of this one there would be a town. Then you would keep going up and up and it starts snowing so you head back down the mountain. This memory would also transmit a little pain, too because of being tired and cold. This would be a good memory to give the new Receiver as their first memory.