iPads By Dylan J.

There are many different types of learners and the iPad helps most of them. If you are a hearing learner this device is extremely helpful.

1. I think that the most useful app is Evernote because you can write your homework there, you can write reports, and you can email the things you have made on Evernote to people.

2. The second most useful app in my opinion is Google docs. It can do everything Evernote does. You can also make presentations on it which you cannot do on Evernote.

3. The third is GoodReader because you can answer and edit things the teachers have put onto Evernote.

4.Sketch Book Express I think is a great app for all artists and drawers and if you are in art.

5. The 5th most useful app in my opinion is Veracross because that is where all of the teachers share their new notebooks with you.

I also think that styluses are extremely useful. I hope this information came in handy.


Ipad image

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Tech Project By Gus, Sam, and Josh

Our tech project was about Google Docs, and we taught you how to share and create a document. Making the presentation was filled with difficulties, and as soon as one was solved, another would pop up. Our first problem was figuring out how to film it. I thought that Quicktime Player wouldn’t be the full version, but fortunately I was wrong. The next was making the script. This quickly got finished, but then we realized it wasn’t complete. There wasn’t a beginning or ending. Having three people working on one idea was very hard. I would think of one sentence, while someone else would think of something else to put in at the same time. Right as we finished it, the bell rang ending the period. Josh wouldn’t be to record because he had made it into the state championships for the geographic bee (he did well with 5/8 questions right). I am surprised that Sam actually could read it when we recorded without mentioning his hero, a time traveling snail, in fact, he did very well. With the time ticking away, we went into the two computer labs, only to find them full with French students in study hall. The fifth grade pod was full.  Our last resort was the classroom, which was very loud with the other students screaming as the teacher played their finished projects. We finally finished the project only seconds before the bell rang. We were a little off, but it was still good.

Dragonland Chapter 2 by Matthew

Here is chapter 2 of Dragonland. This is actually the chapter that you find out what the last chapter was. I hope to finish chapter 3 by February 28.

Chapter 2

The Raging Creatures

I woke to Ian shaking me and yelling, “MARK IS GONE! MARK IS GONE!” I sat up. “Polar bears? Attacking?” I groaned. “NO MATTHEW! MARK IS GONE!” That time I heard it. Mark was gone? I could not afford to lose another brother. I immediately asked Ian, “What happened?” Ian answered, “A dinosaur broke into the house and then Mark turned into a dragon! It was so scary! Mark tried to attack but the dinosaur hit him! Then he unsheathed his sword and swung at mark! Mark flew away and the dinosaur followed him!” I wondered a million thoughts at once. Why did he not attack me? I’m the second most powerful dragon there is? Why did he just follow Mark? Why did he not attack all of us? “Ian,” I managed, “You saw all of that?” Ian answered, “Yes.” I thought it might be an April fool’s joke considering it was April first, but no. Ian said it was all real. I got ready to tell Ian what I didn’t want to tell him ever. “Ian, you are one of us. A dragon. You can think you are a dragon at any time and turn into a dragon.” “Well, who is my dad? Another dragon?” He asked. I replied, “Ian, I am your dad. I imagined you and you came alive at what a regular human would be age 3.” “WELL THEN WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE CARE OF ME LIKE REAL DADS DO?” Screamed Ian. I said with sangfroid, “I did take care of you. I was you teacher all from preschool to last year. This year I changed my age to be a new student ready to prepare you for training.” Ian looked shocked. “How many kids have you had?” I told him, “5. I have had you, Dalton, Theo, Josh, and Sean.” “DALTON’S YOUR KID!?! AWESOME! WE’RE BROTHERS!” Ian yelled with excitement, “Who took care of them?” “Mark did.” I said sadly. “Who will take care of them now?” Ian asked. “Lets find out!” I said, determined to find him. “He’s dead.” Ian said coldly. “NO HE IS NOT!” I screamed, “YOU HAVE NO LAND POWERS AT ALL!” Ian fell to the ground. I realized I had blasted my son with the most powerful blast of water I could. Luckily, he would heal quickly and we could get to work.

Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

Collaborative Google Docs by Conor



Google Apps is a good way to write and talk with your friends on a private sight just for DA. You can create a story in Google Docs and write it yourself or you can share it. When you share your story you can edit with someone you invited to view and edit it. You can even change the owner. This is very helpful if you want to write a book with someone, talk with someone, or like me, make a movie script that you and your friends can be in. Now on Google Docs you can show a stream of comments or chat in the side bar. The side bar has been in Google Docs for a long time but now you can leave the story come back, and if one person is still on the comments will still be there. Google docs also has other types of folders. You can write a blank page or you can create a slide show. You can also make a folder for just one class, school, or home. I guarantee that Google Docs is the place for everyone.google docs

Google Docs Creative Writing By Josh

I am not really a writer. If you tell me write this, I will probably write a dinky unexciting story about something boring. If you give me free reign, I will write a story like the one Cam described(I wrote that one). Writing with no limits is wonderful, but when it is time to share your writing, that’s another story. I was honestly afraid that people would laugh at my creative writing. I was wrong. The entire class loved it, even I was stuttering a little when I read it. Someone commented,”This is by far the best story I have ever read by a sixth grader.” Google Docs is a great tool because you can share your work with your teachers and classmates. I encourage anyone who has a hidden talent for writing to express yourself. A good writer really ‘hooks’ the reader. I think I did that well. Here is an excerpt from my creative writing.


Me Job

by Josh

Chapter 1

     Sweat, pouring down my face, rain rattling my helmet, mud covered my jersey, obscuring my number 0. “Hut! Hut!” I yelled. I took the snap from the center and scanned the field for my favorite receiver, Griffin. His number 87 streaked down the field in that perfect down and in pattern. The clock was running down. Shouts from the crowd yelled, “ 10, 9, 8 ,7……” It seemed like forever,but Griffin had reached the end zone. I dropped back to throw when Bam! I was knocked to the ground. The ball popped loose and my jaw dropped as Robbie scooped it up and fired it down field into the outstretched hands of Griffin. Touchdown! The game had ended in an exciting fashion, our Raptors beating the Bull City Bighorns 28-27 at the horn.

A Story Worth Telling by Cam

Today a student in my class told a great first part of a story in Google Docs. I think that it took a lot of bravery to share it even though it was a great story. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to something then you can do it. The story composure was partially about his daily life and some of his experiences. It was also about things that he had just made up which is great. In my perspective stories are a way to express yourself in a way that can be enjoyable. If there is ever an author’s note in a book I would highly recommend you read because it can change your perspective of the story in a way that it could make the story better because it may make you see what the author wants you to see in the book rather than some other perspective. I’ll be honest, I would of thought of the story he told a completely different way if I didn’t know him. So next time you pick up a book, read the author’s note, epilogue (probably after you’ve read the book!), preface or whatever extra-information section it is.