Grown Up For A Day By Charlie E.


If I was a grown up for a day I would buy a giant robotic megladon submarine, and search the underwater world! I would set up an underwater base at the very bottom of the ocean! I would create new sciences like teleportation! I would fiddle with genetics so I would give myself telekinesis. I would discover hundreds of of new species for marine biology! I would perfect war, making weapons of incredible power! The world would tremble at my feet!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I would rule all the known world! I would set up lunar bases on all the planets of the Milky Way! I would conquer death and become IMMORTAL! I would win life! I would become the smartest sentient being in the universe! I would then conquer all of creation, ruling the universe. I would give myself the powers to fly, see through vision, heat vision, and all of the other powers that any could come up with! That’s what I would do if I was grown for a day. But then, with my brilliance, I would elongate my time for being an adult to the end of creation!