Hoops for Heart – Audrey M.

Hoops for Heart is a day when all of our grade comes together to play basketball and earn money for kids with heart disorders. In elementary, we did Jump Rope for Heart. I think these are really sweet because it’s like “Kids helping Kids.” My group this year consists of 4 of my really close friends and me! The point of the game is to make as many points in 1 minute. It’s normally called Hotshot. A lay-up counts as 1 point. A jump shot about 4 feet away from the basket, is 2 points. The wing shot over by the side, is 3 points. You could get 4 points by shooting an elbow, which is parallel to the free throw line. To top it all off, a 3-pointer is 5 points! Most every kid participating in this activity averages about $50, as a donation. Schools all around the nation take part in Hoops for Heart so, every penny counts, it actually makes a difference in someone’s life.


"Heart with a basketball"