Hero Bookmaking Experience by Shaffer

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

I enjoyed making these books; they were hard, but with local artist Peg Gignoux’s help it was much better. Working with her was fantastic, she taught my class how to do everything we needed to know. If one of us had a problem with something she knew how to fix it right away. Making my book from start to finish was very difficult. I had some problems, but Mrs. Gignoux came over and helped me out, and I was ready to go.

When people walk out of the Frank Galley after seeing all those books about everyone’s hero, I want them to know that everyone can have a hero and make a book about it. It feels very good to honor someone, because when the person you honored goes to see your book about you honoring them, they will feel special, like someone really cares about them and they will be very happy. It feels a little weird having my work displayed in the gallery because I do not know what people will think of my work. I don’t know if they will be like that one is weird or that one is amazing.

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