My Hero by Kay










Photo taken by Mrs. Donnelly at the Frank Gallery.

In language arts class, the sixth grade had to write a story and make a book about their hero. This is the first year ever that the books we made that they were going into the Frank Gallery on Franklin street. Our teachers told us it could be about anyone! As long as the person you choose inspires you, they are your hero! I chose my mom because she is always there for me through the good and bad!

The whole process of making the book took about a month. We had to write, edit, and revise our stories half of the time, the other half we had to make the paper, fold, and glue the paper to make our books. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it in the end!

The first day I walked into the art room not knowing any of my scenes or what I would make my book look like. I think the best part of the whole process was when my mom saw it for the first time, it took a lot of time and effort, but in the end it was worth it! I think the hardest part was peer editing because everyone’s story was so different and special! This is a really fun experience, and I can’t wait to take my book home from the gallery!

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My Hero Book By Miriam D.

Picture Taken By Patti D. At the Frank Gallery on Fraklin Street.

In Language Arts, we all had to choose a person who we thought to be our hero. A hero is a person who has influenced your life a lot and who you admire. I chose my First Grade teacher Mrs. Suggs. Artist, Peg Gignoux, came to our school and helped us make the books. First, we got a bunch of really cool stamps and made the paper that we were going to use to make our books. On the second day, we folded the our books. The rest of the days we spent decorating our books. On the inside, everyone did a special scene with their hero in it, and then we cut a portal through the paper in front of it, like we were looking through something onto the scene. And on the outside, we did another special scene.

We also wrote stories about our hero. It started with an introduction paragraph, then we did three paragraphs, each one described one of the traits that we think that our hero has. Then it ended with a paragraph about how much our hero has impacted our lives. My hero was extremely touched by it. And the best part is, they were all displayed at the Frank Gallery, an art gallery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!!!

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Hero Project by Jinger C.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Not too long ago in Mrs. Donnelly’s 6th grade Language Arts class, we finished our hero projects. We put a lot of effort and time and finally finished. I was glad to see all of our hard work paid off. For my hero project I wrote about my dad. The hardest part of the hero project was the art work for me. That’s why I am so glad artist, Peg Gignoux, was there to help us with every step.As we got farther along in the project the art work got more fun.

After designing our books we started writing. In my opinion, the writing was the best part. I loved writing about my dad and looking at the smile on his face when he read my book. He said he was very impressed with my book! I feel like this experience made my hero and me closer.

When we went to the gallery it was fun reading other people’s books and seeing what they wrote, and their art work, especially my friends. My dad said he was very impressed with my project. I didn’t think our books would come out as perfectly as they did. Seeing them at the gallery for first time was amazing. They were beautiful. If you haven’t gone yet you are missing out on a whole lot! Go to the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

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My Hero by Nathan G.






Our latest project in Language Arts was to make a pop-out book about a person that you know well and has influenced your life; your hero. My hero is my uncle Daniel, who taught me many things including surfing!

Late last year he had pain in his lower back which they thought had to do with his spine and playing sports. They found out the real cause when they took an MRI. They found a tumor in his back. The type of cancer was similar to Lance Armstrong’s. This came as a shock to me and all of our family because he was a healthy guy in great shape! My story was mainly on how he fought through cancer. Because of all of it being tied to my uncle’s life and cancer it was very emotional for me. A few days after I completed the project we received news that Daniel was cancer free after many weeks of chemotherapy and then surgery!

A big part of the project was making an art scene of your hero by cutting and pasting paper with the help of Peg Gignoux, a well-known artist. My scene showed my uncle and me surfing. For the first year ever these books are on display at the Frank Gallery until April 6th! When I walked into the gallery I was amazed to find all the different stories and great works of art! My uncle hasn’t seen the book yet because he lives in Morehead City so I can’t wait to show him!

My Hero Project by Sylvia






At first  I was not very sure what to do. I then later decided to write about my grandfather because I could write the most about him. I think Mrs. Donnelly made it very clear what to do for the writing so I finished that with ease. The hero books were much harder to do than the writing, but they were more interesting. I liked that we actually made something 3D instead of something another school would probably do. It was also nice to have an artist come and help us make them. It was also pretty nice to have them in a gallery in Chapel Hill. Overall, I think the hero project was a success, and I bet all of the heroes are very pleased.

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Hero Project by Shaylen A.

Photo taken by Mrs. D

The whole sixth grade made hero books.  We had to choose someone who we were influenced by and interview them. I chose my dad. Also, we had to choose three words that our hero represents. I chose hardworking, responsible, and helpful. We had to make books that were made out of paper, glue, stamped paper, cut paper, and some scissors were involved. After we finished everyone had to write a story and include the three words with examples. Also, we had to put the hero’s childhood in the story and I chose to put my dad’s hobbies. That was the process of making the hero books.

There were some parts of making the books I didn’t like and some parts I really liked. For example, when making the book it took a lot of glue and I hated getting my fingers sticky. Also, all of the paint would go everywhere. I liked interviewing to get information about my dad. One more thing was I really enjoyed the artwork even though I got dirty and I liked the way my book turned out.

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My Hero: A Project to Remember by Franny






I was very confused. What am I supposed to do? And who in the world would I write about? That was when we got our Hero project assignment. Now, I don’t think I could have chosen anyone more special to me except my mom. Of course, now you know, I chose my dad. I had so much trouble choosing between everyone close to me but once I figured out that I should do a parent, it was so easy. He has done so much for me and I immediately  knew what characteristics to write about him.

I really liked this project because it allowed me to become closer to the people I love. My favorite part was making the books, but I also liked being able to show off my work. I think this was a very special experience and I was very lucky to be able to have done it. So thank you to everyone who made this possible. This experience would not be real if you had not been there. And thank you to my Hero.

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The Hero Books By Katie C.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly


In Language Arts class at Durham Academy we made books about our heroes. We all chose a family member or a friend and wrote about why they are our hero. For my hero I chose my sister. I think the hero books are fun to do, and it shows your hero that you really love love them. My sister knew I was doing her as my hero. Our hero books are in the Frank Gallery and will be there until April 7, 2013. The hero books are a great project to do and our heroes will be very happy to see them. I loved doing the hero project and I think everyone else did too.

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Hero Books by Nate V

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the past month in Language Arts we worked on hero books. To make them we stamped paper and then ripped it. We made books that had a front scene, like sand, and a back scene, like water. The books were about a hero, like a relative in our life. My hero is my grandpa. After we made them, they were displayed in the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There was a reception and kids brought their family members and their heroes.

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The Hero Books by Michiko

Photo taken by Mrs. Donnelly

In the Durham Academy 6th grade Language Arts class, we made books about our heroes. My hero is my mom. During this project we cut paper out to illustrate one scene that we remember with our hero. We also wrote three mini stories about our hero. Our books were displayed in the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill for our heros to come and see. A few days ago my mom and I went to the Frank Gallery to see the hero books. When she saw the book I made about her she was so happy. I was very excited that my mom was so happy about seeing the hero books. I really enjoyed the project and my favorite part was seeing my mom look at the book for the first time.