I’m Thankful For… By Davi S-G

I’m thankful for my golden retriever Sky. He has been with me since I was born, and even before that. My dog Sky is thirteen in human years, which makes him ninety-one in dog years. When I come home from school, or any activity, Sky is always there to greet me in his doggy way: wagging his tail, and sniffing my clothes and backpack. Sky is very lazy, and he sleeps all day. My family has to trick him to go outside. We ring the doorbell, making him think that there is someone outside, which makes him jump up and run to the door. If that doesn’t work, then we bribe Sky with his dog food. Sky basically owns my house. He sleeps anywhere he wants, as long as my dad make him go away. Because he’s so old, in January I’m giving sky a puppy. I hope that Sky will take care of the puppy, and be like it’s dad. In conclusion, I’m thankful for my dog Sky because he comforts me in times of need.

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I Am Thankful For…By David

I am thankful for the fact that my family is not constantly “plugged in” to devices. We are a family that watches television, so it is a bit easier to stay away from electronics. It makes me be able to appreciate the world a bit better and learn about things that interest me like psychology and the world that is around us. It also helps us connect as a family. I am also thankful for the school that I go to. It is the best school ever!

I Am Thankful For…By Bella










I am thankful for myself. Some people are thankful for their families, I am thankful for myself. That I have all the body parts a human needs, no mental diseases, or any different disabilities. Some people are thankful for their families, friends,clothes, school, education, etc. But I’m thankful that I’m alive, in this world, born into a family, going to school. And I’m not saying that being thankful for families and friends is bad. It’s just that everyone should be grateful for who they are, and just live their lives with it. Even people with disabilities are thankful that they are even alive with whatever has gone wrong with them. Be thankful that you’re not those people who got just a tiny bit unluckier than you. When people are living in a life with a family, a house, wearing clothes, and getting an education, they think it’s normal stuff and don’t really care. That it’s just one of those boring days where you get up, get ready for school or work, and come back home after it, have dinner, get ready for bed, and sleep. Be thankful that you have a place to do those things. And if not, so what? God made each and every one of us different for a purpose, just the way He wanted you do be.

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I am Grateful For… by Dylan J.






I am grateful for my grandmother who was always so nice, creative, and playful. She would always try to make me and my brothers smile. She even wore a Halloween costume once when she was with us. I was thankful for what she did to make us smile. I will miss her and I hope she passes on to a better place. Her soul will always be with us.

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I Am Grateful For… By: Sheridan





I am grateful for many things that I have to have in my everyday life, but above all, I am grateful for my family. I am thankful to my mom for everything that she has given me, how she has taken good care of me for my lifetime so far. I am grateful to my dad for all his hard work to keep our family going with all the money and everything that we need in order to live happily. I am grateful to my brother for all he has done to support me and keep me happy. When my brother is there for me, we always get to play games and sports together which I treasure and which I always will. I am grateful for everything that my family has given me, how they have cared and loved me. So forever and ever, I won’t forget their kindness and care that they have given me.