Stylus for iPad by Finn M.

We had three choices of stylus to vote for Bamboo, Amazon Basic and, Cosmonaut. I had two favorites my first was the Cosmonaut except it was too big to carry around so my other favorite was the Bamboo because it was lighter. The Cosmonaut was more fun to draw with. The Amazon Basic was really bad it stuck to the screen and the tip always looked like it was going to fall off.

Apps by Maggie D

One of the apps that I really like is Paperport Notes. I put all of my notes on that app. It’s a really good app. It is really easy to draw with your finger in this app too because you can zoom in and write, and then when you zoom out it is a regular size writing and isn’t to big. It is also really easy to type. There is also a a highlighter so that you can highlight things. I think that this is an awesome app that we should definitely keep this app for the iPads next year.

I also think that we should keep the Stickies app. I like it because you can make different categories for your stickies. So if you click one of the categories you can make a stickie just for that category. I also like it because it’s really easy to use. That’s why I think we should keep that app.


The iPads by Finn

I have learned a lot about iPads since the pilot started like how to use all the apps and the short cuts to different things. I like the iPads but I liked DA without the technology better. I like writing my homework down, reading books made out of paper (I don’t like reading on the iPads but reading on a Nook is fine!) and sometimes looking at the iPads for too long will make my eyes hurt! Ipads can be useful but I would rather just pull out the laptop cart and do it on that! I like technology but I don’t like using the iPads in the pilot program!