The Ideal Teacher by: Davi

For me, an ideal teacher would be a person who listens; a person who doesn’t think that they are superior to the students because of their age. A ideal teacher would be a person who understands kids, and helps them with their problems.

These days, teachers aren’t always open to suggestions. They have their lessons already in their head, and they don’t listen to new ideas. There will always be teachers like that. Then there are some teachers who are close, if not already ideal. They are open, listen to their students, and treat their students as equals; no matter if they are young or old, big or small, or the same religion or race. They treat their students as if they were fully fledged adults; with respect and kindness. That, is an ideal teacher.

Ideal Teacher by Frederick

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To me, an ideal teacher would need lots of qualities. First, the teacher cannot be strict. It will make the class hard and stressful sometimes. The teacher cannot hand in too much homework, and during class, the teacher needs to let us collaborate every day. I think Durham Academy does a good job of that though. The teacher needs to be fun. Instead of just teaching all day, we could do a fun activity. Like showing videos or playing something like charades. They also have to give prizes/treats for doing something. I would want free time as well. So my ideal teacher would teach and be super fun as well!


My Ideal Teacher by Lana K.

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If I were to give advice to a teacher this would be it: be the teacher that everyone hopes they get. For example, in my opinion, teachers should be firm, fun, and flattering.

For the firm part, teachers shouldn’t be so submissive that they would let someone get away with murder, but not so strict that a student would get in trouble for going to the bathroom without permission.

For the fun part, teachers should surprise their students once in a while. For example, my second grade teacher, every month or so after assembly, would have “the magic unicorn” visit our classroom. It would sprinkle glitter everywhere and leave a note. It would let us use our imaginations to become more creative people and allow us to have a great time in the midst of our school day.

For the flattering part, teachers should give credit to their students for doing something un-ordinarily good. That’s a reason why I like the ODA Service Awards given to students at DA Middle School that went up and beyond with their service to classmates and the community in general, nominated by teachers. In my opinion, the awards show the good side of people that you wouldn’t expect to help out.


The Ideal Teacher by Will P

To me, the ideal teacher would be one that uses the Señor Glass method. Señor Glass is my spanish teacher. His method is that he usually gives us at least two pop quizzes a week. I really like this method because it makes you have to study every night because you never know if there will be a quiz the next day. This is a very good way to see which students are on top of it and which ones are not. I really like the idea of keeping the students on their toes. Also, I feel like this is much better than giving a huge test to the students. That is what I think an ideal teacher would do.


Ideal Teacher By Nathan G

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So, as you know, we are reading The Giver. Since it is an ideal society, there must be ideal teachers. In my mind an ideal teacher must be a lot of things. One is interesting! I have had a lot of teachers that are just reading from the book and don’t make an effort to get the kids engaged and involved. This is mainly in history because there are few other ways to get the proper information they need to know to them. Well this year I have a history teacher that uses one of the other ways! She doesn’t use the textbook most of the time and she rarely gives homework! Most of the homework is reading the textbook on your own but that is like once every three weeks!

Now I know that you think that I picked her as an example of an ideal teacher just because she doesn’t give homework often but that is wrong! She doesn’t believe in homework because she thinks other things such as sleep and exercise are better. Another thing that makes me very interested is she often tells you these facts that you would not normally know about. Some days we spend the whole period discussing a topic such as the war going on in Afghanistan and in Iraq while we are studying the Middle East. Another thing that we do often are Keynote presentations. We actually just finished one about certain regions of India. We have done several of these throughout the year and they really help you remember information while you are still interested and involved. What is awesome about this approach on teaching is that not only are we enjoying the class but we actually make high grades and have high class averages!!

So an ideal teacher to me makes learning interesting, fun, involving, and informing!


The Ideal Teacher By: Ellie M

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My ideal teacher would post all of the homework for the next week ahead of time on the Sunday before that school week so his/her students can plan ahead for that week. An ideal teacher would also have more two-day assignents that might take a little longer to complete. Also, at our school our homework should take about 20 minutes. Some teachers say “stop once it is 20 minutes” but others just want you to finish it no matter how long it takes. An ideal teacher should also assign projects that are relatively fun that students get to choose between certain guidelines. This makes learning a lot more fun! Lastly, the ideal teacher would give you back your quizzes and tests the next day (and not lose a test or two). Half of my teachers don’t do that!


The Ideal Teacher by: Lucy W.


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In Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver.” In “The Giver” their is an ideal society, everything is perfect, no choices, and everything is the same. An ideal teacher would be kind. He or she would not be too strict and let us play some games in class from time to time. The ideal teacher would rarely give any homework, I would hope, and they would not clutter us with to many projects. The ideal teacher would be organized, she would have all of our tests, homework, and projects grades all ready to be handed back. The ideal teacher would give us some extra credit, so we could raise a bad grade or let us have some candy from time to time. Also, the ideal teacher would give us some homework passes, of course we would have to earn them, but on a busy night it would be nice to use a pass so we wouldn’t get in trouble. The ideal teacher would also be fair, and nice. That is the key to a teacher, if they are very nice to you you don’t feel like you did something wrong, but if a teacher is mean to you it puts you down and makes you sad. These are just some of my ideas about the ideal teacher. In your opinion what would you think an ideal teacher would be like?


The Ideal Teacher by Neil M

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The ideal teacher is a teacher who will mainly just help you learn in a fun way. Good teachers don’t have to give you candy or extra recess. They don’t have to give you any homework. I think a good teacher is someone who understands their students. They would understand that kids have things after school, and on the weekends. Some of the best teachers I have ever had, organized small activities in class. Like games that make you learn. Homework had options. For example, you could make something that will help you learn in your own way. No one studies the same way.

If a teacher wants to be the best teacher they can be they have to give choices. Choices for everything as long as it makes them learn.


The Ideal Teacher by Julia






Right now in Language Arts we are reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. This book is about a perfect society. The perfect teacher to me would be a lot of things. The perfect teacher to me would joke around with the class, but also be serious when teaching. One of the most important qualities in a teacher for me is motivating. Motivating can mean a lot of different things, but for me it means that I know that there is always someone that I can see when I get a not so amazing grade. Someone that I know will explain a concept to me until I understand, no matter how many times it takes. But most of all, someone that is like a friend to me. I know that they would be older than me, but they would be there for me like a friend.


My Ideal Teacher by Katie C.

In LA class we are reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. The Giver is about an ideal society. My ideal teacher would be a teacher that’s nice but strict. Also, they would be a good teacher, but in class we would have fun while learning. They would teach us very well so we would learn a lot. Every so often the teacher would give us some candy if we do very well on something. Also, the teacher would have us write on paper with pens and pencils, because you learn it better if you write it. They would be nice and helpful. The teacher would not give you a lot of homework, but some homework so we can get better at what we are learning. That would be my ideal teacher.