If I Was An Adult By Frederick C

Photo by me

If I was an adult, I would want to be an adult for maybe a few months. I would like being an adult, because you basically have no house rules, and I guess you’re sort of “free.” But also, being a kid is the life. If I was an adult, I would travel the world,  especially places like Italy, and visit Korea as much as I can. It’s exciting that I can drive, but I know driving gets boring, so that’s one of the reasons why I’d only want to be an adult for a few months. Also, getting a job would be exciting for me. Whenever I would have time, I would just go around and have some fun! I don’t know if I’ll be playing video games when I’m an adult, that’s another reason. I could rest when I wanted, and do many more things. But I love being a kid!

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