iPads by Noah

iPads were very helpful in my sixth grade year. I used it in many classes like Language Arts, history, math, Spanish and science. In Language Arts class, we used it every day for blogging and vocabulary lists and many other things. In history, I use it for researching places for projects. In math class, we don’t use it very much but when we do need it for things like practice quizzes, the iPads are very very useful. In Spanish we use our iPads to study new vocabulary. Finally, in science class we had an online textbook that we used for our animals unit. Overall, iPads were very useful this year and this year wouldn’t have been the same at all without iPads.


iPad Reflection By: Ellie

This year we have used iPads a lot and for many different reasons.

Language Arts: We use our iPads every day, you couldn’t forget your iPad or you’d have to go get it. We use the iPad for blog posts, vocabulary, Membean, Evernote, and projects on Google Drive. The apps that we use are Google Drive, Evernote, Safari (Membean),Sketchbook, and some people use Kindle.

Math: We use our iPads rarely, only in a few cases but we might need an iPad on a day that would be unexpected. We use the iPads for getting/doing practice quizzes and receiving our grades. The apps we use are GoodReader, Evernote, Safari (Veracross).

Science: We use our iPads twice a week, so it would be good to bring your iPad with you to class. We use the iPads for videos, quizzes, grades, and science websites. The apps we use are BrainPOP, Safari (Veracross)

History: We use our iPads to look at images of whatever we’re studying. We use it twice a week. The apps we use are Evernote, Safari, and our Google app.