iPads By Davi

This year at Durham Academy, every middle school student received an iPad. I think one of the ultimate goals of the school was to go completely paperless. This goal was not met. I am not saying that the iPads were a bad thing; they were amazing; a great help in studying and checking homework. It’s just that the iPads didn’t lessen the weight of our books, it increased it. The Otter Box that the iPads are in weighed too much. Not all textbooks were online, and those that were required Adobe Flash.

Despite all of these complaints, the good outweighs the bad (as it always should). I use the iPad in every class. I use it to check homework, and to study for quizzes. The iPad is much lighter than a computer (even with the Otter Box), and much easier to carry. Even though Adobe and Apple don’t agree (no Flash), most Internet things can still be done, with the exception of blocked sites. Looking back on the year, I realize that he iPads were a wonderful gift, and that we are lucky to have them


iPads By Norman

As you may know, we have iPads for school. I think that that is very cool. We can use them for homework, research or just for fun. This is the one school year mark so we will be turning them in tomorrow. They will be wiped of all information and given back to someone else next year. I have used my iPad in every class except fine arts. Hopefully when we get them back they will have more apps. Other than that, they are fun.


One Year of iPads by David

My first post was about iPads. It showed what we all thought about them. Let me guess. You just went and looked, didn’t you? If you didn’t, you will not have the proper context. Now that I am at the end of the year, I do not have to ask. I am just going to tell what I think of the iPads, fully.

I really like not having to carry around as much stuff. I do not need a planner, so i just write all of my homework on Evernote. It lets me save stuff in the cloud, so I do not have to worry about using it. It is fast, and it would have been better than carrying around a bulky, heavy, old and slow laptop.

However, with great power comes great responsibility…….which is constantly hard to use. Lots of times, I have seen people misusing them for things like games in class, or nasty emails to other students. Not to put a black mark on them, but although the iPads are a great learning tool, outside of learning, they are often used in ways that were not intended. We will turn them in on Friday, May 31. Then, next year, we will be back these amazing tools (although not the same ones).

Thank you, Mr. Schaefer, for helping us get through this first year of iPads!

iPads by Grace

At the beginning of this year we were given iPads. I found the iPads very helpful, especially in Language Arts class because we use the iPads in that class the most. They really helped because we could stay in class instead of having to sign up for the computer lab. I also found the iPads helpful for homework and projects because it has very helpful apps. The iPad was also useful to me for studying because I can easily reach Quizlet, and the iPads have the Voice Cards app. I think sometimes the iPads can be a distraction for many people whether they email others during class, play games during class, or distract the class when your iPad is making a noise. Overall though I liked the iPads.


iPad for Sixth Grade by Katie

Photo taken by Katie

I think iPads for sixth grade are very helpful. When you need to do something, like go on a website for school, you can just get out your iPad and go to the website. There are many apps to help you get your work done. One of my favorite apps is calendar because I can write down my homework for the day. Some more apps that are helpful are Sketchbook x or Doodle Buddy because for blog posts and other things, if you need to draw a picture, you can use one of the apps. My favorite app is Evernote because you can take notes on it or your teachers can put something there and you can see it. I like the iPads and think they are a helpful way for sixth graders to learn.


iPads by Batu P.

The iPads were a huge help this year. We did all of our blog posts on the iPads. We also did a lot of other projects on it too. The iPads helped another way by easily accessing Evernote and the Internet. They also provided distractions. Some people played games in class. I don’t but other people do. I think that this was a learning experience for all of us.


My iPad by Kay Y.







Photo taken by me.

This year we were given iPads from our school and at first I wasn’t sure of them. They were hard to use and each app had different things necessary: some you have to save, some synchronize, some there’s nothing at all. But as the year went on I learned more about the iPads, I figured out how to use a lot of the apps, and my friends and teachers helped me when they didn’t work. Some of the most helpful apps that I use everyday are: Evernote, Reminders, Blogsy, Google Drive, and the Camera. I use reminders to write my homework down, and Evernote to take notes in class and have a backup copy of what the homework is. Blogsy I use in language arts class for our class blog to create my posts. At one point or another I have used Google Drive in almost every class. Google Drive allows us to collaborate with other classmates, share with teachers, and access our work from any device with Internet connection. I use the camera to take pictures of the board for class and notes.


iPads At The End Of 6th Grade by Sheridan

Photo from Flickrstorm

iPads have been very useful throughout this whole year. I think that they are useful for research and they help us learn a lot. I loved having and using the iPads because they are useful in just about every single subject that I have. In Language Arts, I use it for Membean, in history, I use it for research, in science, for online textbooks, for Spanish, I use it for homework, and for math, I use it for homework as well. I really hope that we will continue using iPads as they are very helpful for my learning.


iPads by Noah

iPads were very helpful in my sixth grade year. I used it in many classes like Language Arts, history, math, Spanish and science. In Language Arts class, we used it every day for blogging and vocabulary lists and many other things. In history, I use it for researching places for projects. In math class, we don’t use it very much but when we do need it for things like practice quizzes, the iPads are very very useful. In Spanish we use our iPads to study new vocabulary. Finally, in science class we had an online textbook that we used for our animals unit. Overall, iPads were very useful this year and this year wouldn’t have been the same at all without iPads.


iPads by Julia

As you know, this year in our school we have been using one-on-one iPads for the first time. In my opinion, iPads have been really helpful. We use the iPads a lot in school, and I think that they are really beneficial to our learning. The iPads enable us to do research, make projects, and much more!
In my opinion, there is one downside to the iPads. The first is that the iPads were supposed to let us carry less stuff around, but really we ended up carrying just the same as going no paper, or maybe more. Personally, I think that we should have done all iPads or all paper, not both. Since this was only the first year using the iPads, maybe we will change in the next few years. Overall, I think that iPads are a great addition to our school’s learning program.