Snow by Jinger

Photo by Jinger

It’s a cold, frosty, icy Friday. It’s so cold you can see the air you breathe. You’re super excited because school gets out at 11:30 and it’s due to snow. Who doesn’t like snow? Making a snowman, chucking snowballs at your siblings and friends, making snow angels and just enjoying the feeling of snow! It rarely snows so when it does you have to make something out of it.

I will never forget my dogs first experience with snow. Mainly because it was one of the funniest moments of my life. My little, white dog Raffy was only a puppy. It was hilarious because he blended in with the snow. He loves eating snow. That’s his favorite food! On the other hand, my other dog, Dennis, was so scared he didn’t know what to make of it. He tried fighting every snowflake that hit the ground. My friend had came over and was playing fetch with Dennis. My sister suggested to take a snowball and fetch it to him, so we did. It was hilarious because he caught it and ate it!

Anyway, you’re in your class when suddenly you see a piece of snow fall… Wait?! You take a close look at it. This isn’t snow? What is it? Is it frozen rain? Is it hale? It’s sleet! Yes! You’re so happy it finally “snowed!” ❄⛄❄⛄❄

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Book Review by Jinger C.


The book I  finished not too long ago was called I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You. I really liked this book. I really enjoyed this book because it was girly. There are lots of fun adventures that Cammie goes on in the story. She goes to this really special spy school and learns how to be a top secret agent spy. The school’s reputation is bad but that’s exactly what they want so people don’t figure out they are spies. They have a mission to go on one day and Cammie runs into this boy. Find out what happens at the end!

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If I Were A Grown Up by Jinger

Imagine for 24 hours, having the freedom and luxury to do whatever you want. This time, the only factor changing would be your age. You would be an adult, free to do anything you would like. Think about it, no school, no sharing with your siblings, no being harassed with responsibilities!!

First thing I would do is immediately go and get a license! I would do anything in the whole world to drive. I would drive to anywhere I want to without having to nag my parents. First, with my license, I would drive to a One Direction concert, meet Niall, get an autograph, then go home to my own apartment and add it to my wall. My apartment would be pink with Boo wallpapering in my bedroom!! I would die if I got to meet Boo the Pomeranian!! That’s my life long dream.

When I become an adult I can accomplish that dream. I could fly all the way to another country and meet Boo. I asked my parents, but of course they said they were not flying all the way to another country to see a dog because we already have one. I would love to be an adult for a day. If only… I guess I will have to keep dreaming.

Jinger’s Wisdom Tale

A Best Friends Cheat

By Jinger


Heather’s best friends, Victoria and Beth, were the biggest cheaters in the school! They lied and cheated so much their nicknames were the knifing friends. Victoria never had the courage to confront them about their bad doing.


One day Heather had a huge Spanish test the next day. She was convinced that she would only give them one more chance and if they did cheat she would confront them immediately. As she walked in the door the teacher handed her her test and told her not to cheat. She did the same with Beth and Victoria. She was half way through the test when she heard some whispering. Beth held up some numbers on her hands almost like they were playing charades. Victoria did some signs and whispered a couple of words. They both nodded their heads like they got it.


Once the test was done, Heather immediately pulled her friends aside and talked to them.


“Look why are you doing this! Why are you cheating on every test? I know you are better than this, why?” said Heather.


Victoria and Beth shrugged as if they didn’t know what she was talking about. But, as a true friend, Beth and Victoria knew they would have to admit to there bad doings.


“Fine, Beth shrugged.”


“Yeah, you caught us” Victoria said.


“I want you to stop immediately! You guys are my best friends in the whole wide world and I am trying to help you”.


“Heather, thanks so much I couldn’t ask for a better best friend than you!” Beth said.


“Yes, we didn’t realize what we were really doing until you made us realize,” said Victoria.


“We promise to never cheat on anything even if it is non school related again,” Beth and Victoria pledged.


“Thank you so much, it is for your own good!” said Heather.


A couple years later Beth and Victoria were taking the SAT’s. They were about to cheat until they remembered a little moral in their heads. Do the right thing even if no one is looking.


Moral: Always do the right thing even when no one is looking.


Open Notes by Jinger





Today in LA class we took a Wisdom Tales Test. I have never really taken an open note test. This was a wonderful experience I want to be able to take another open note test. It was really helpful to have your notes right in front of you especially if you took good notes.

The test was open note so all you had to do to study was to make sure all of your notes were in correct order. You also had to make sure you understood the moral and summary. That’s what I did to study. I liked taking open note test because  it was hard to memorize every wisdom tale but if you forgot a wisdom tale  you could go back and look at your notes. That’s why using an iPad was ten times easier.

Thankful by… Jinger







I can’t even begin to say how many things I am thankful for! I have two specific things I am thankful for though. I really want to thank my family and DA. My family has been so grateful to me. Including my mom, dad, my two dogs, and yes, even my sister Joy. My family members have each gone out of their way to do little things for me that I will never forget. For instance, my mom and dad always help me when I am stuck on something even when it doesn’t have to do with academics. They are always there for me 24/7, and they would do anything for me. They would even die for me. I am so grateful I have parents that love me so much!

I am so glad we have such a close bond as a family, especially my mom and me. I am also grateful for my twin sister Joy. There are pros and cons to having a twin sister since I am thanking her I won’t talk about the cons. Joy is like a permanent BFF who is always there for me to talk to. We laugh together, we sing together, we do everything together! I have to admit the best thing about having a twin sister is that when you forget your homework or need help on something Joy is always there to help me.

Now I want to thank my dog. I know he can’t talk but I feel like we communicate together and he is always there to help me. He helps me get back up when I am down and his way of paying me back when I take care of him is licks. He is always giving me licks! I love my family so much that words can’t describe! This Thanksgiving I will take the time and thank everyone who has been good to me! Including all of my wonderful friends!

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Biographies by Jinger







How many people in your class enjoy reading biographies? Yeah, that’s what I thought not very many. I used to be one of those people that refused to read a biography. Once I gave a biography a chance I ended up loving it! Right now I am reading Rosa parks the Quiet Strength, which is a biography about Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement.

Before I start talking about biographies, first what is a biography? A biography is a type of book that is about someone or a famous person in history who made a difference. Let’s say, for example, Abraham Lincoln, he was the 16th president who made a big difference. He has tons of biographies written about him. So, next time you go to the library give a biography a chance!

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Politics by Jinger

Obama Romney







Honestly, at first I just acted like I was into politics because it was the one time in the year my parents let me stay up a little longer than my bedtime. I am proud of myself for at least watching politics with my family on TV sometimes and for being interested. There is a lot of talk about politics! Every time I turn on the TV it seems like politics is everywhere.

Right now I am with my family waiting to see who is going to become president. The two candidates running are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. After two years of campaigning everyone is anxious to see who won! Both of these candidates really want to win. After watching a lot of politics with my family it seemes like both of these candidates have been campaigning really hard. I never knew how big a deal it was. Starting from George Washington and ending at Barack Obama. Too bad only one can win!

I enjoyed listening to speeches that they have made in the past and trying to catch vocabulary words they have said. They both seem to have very good policies. We have been watching a lot of different stations like CNN, FOX, MSNVC. Sadly I cannot stay up forever to see who has won. I am excited to figure out who wins in the morning. I know whoever becomes our president will serve our country well and can’t wait to see who will run next year! You never know about politics. There are always twist and turns especially running for preseident! That’s why I find it interesting! 🇺🇸

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Golf by Jinger

I am extremely proud of my dad for improving at golf. My dad decided to start playing golf a couple of years ago. I can’t even explain how proud I am of him for getting better and practicing every day. Although golf isn’t my favorite sport I love watching my dad play. He is very good at it. When he hits the ball it goes so far way over the water and in the hole! Watching him has only improved my golf game. It always makes me laugh watching him play imaginary golf all the time! He puts so much effort into it and all his work has payed off. I look forward to seeing him improve more and more in the future. I know my dad will become the next Tiger Woods!

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