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This year we created a Life List in Language Arts class. This as a lot of fun because I got to hear what other people wanted to do and come up things that I want to do and accomplish during my life time. A lot of my goals were related to travel, but some were goals that I just really want to accomplish. Some of my items include: go to all seven continents, go to the seven wonders of the world, graduate high school, graduate college, get certified for scuba diving, go to Spain, go to Thailand, go sky diving etc.!

Some of these goals I have already started working on, for example get certified for scuba diving- I have already started the certification process and I not need my four certification dives, and then Great Barrier Reef here I come! I’m also working on a lot of my travel goals! My family never misses an opportunity to go to an exotic country! I can also see the influences from my sixth grade year on my Life List, like go to Spain because I take Spanish. I really love the class and language and I want to go there.

My iPad by Kay Y.







Photo taken by me.

This year we were given iPads from our school and at first I wasn’t sure of them. They were hard to use and each app had different things necessary: some you have to save, some synchronize, some there’s nothing at all. But as the year went on I learned more about the iPads, I figured out how to use a lot of the apps, and my friends and teachers helped me when they didn’t work. Some of the most helpful apps that I use everyday are: Evernote, Reminders, Blogsy, Google Drive, and the Camera. I use reminders to write my homework down, and Evernote to take notes in class and have a backup copy of what the homework is. Blogsy I use in language arts class for our class blog to create my posts. At one point or another I have used Google Drive in almost every class. Google Drive allows us to collaborate with other classmates, share with teachers, and access our work from any device with Internet connection. I use the camera to take pictures of the board for class and notes.


Membean by Kay Y.







An example of a question from Membean.

In Language Arts class this year we started doing an online vocabulary word program called Membean. I think it’s a really good program because it forces me to learn the words that I don’t know as well until I know them by heart! Membean is good because it has a lot of repetition of words, and many different types of questions. One type of question that I find hard shows you a picture to describe the word, a hint, the first letter and the other spaces. I find this type of question hard because its difficult remembering a specific word from just a letter and a hint. One thing that I like about Membean is that whenever I get a new word the program shows me a picture that helps give me a sense of what the word might be. Because membean has so many different types of questions it really trains me to learn the word and its meaning not just the answer to a question!


The First Memory I Would Give by: Kay Y.





Photo taken by me.

In language arts class we are reading The Giver by: Louis Lowry. The first memory I would give is when I got my dog! I would give this memory first because it shows love, family, pets and caring all in one memory! She bounded up to me and jumped into my arms, she liked me and my sister and was so lively, and happy my family knew we had to have her! She played with us, climbed on top of us and stayed with us. She was welcomed into my family instantly and well loved from the second we saw her. It is truly one of the best memories that I have!


The Ideal Teacher by: Kay Y.

Kay blog post idea teacher






In language arts class we are reading The Giver by: Lois Lowry. We are talking about what the ideal teacher would be like. I think the ideal teacher would be get to know their students and treat them as individuals and really get to know their students and help them. I think another important thing is using positive and negative reinforcement so if a student acts bad they get punished but if they behave well getting rewarded. A good teacher needs to know the materials inside out, and be willing to work with students that don’t understand a concept. One of the most important qualities is caring about their students. This is because a welcoming teacher is often one that students like, and pay attention to.


Community Service at The Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop by: Kay Y.

Photo done in SketchBookX

On May 8th my school went and did community service for half a day. Each advisory did a different community service project. My advisory went to The Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop to volunteer. We organized clothes by size and color so it was easier to find exactly what you were looking for. I did that for a while but later I was switched to discount marking baby clothes. My friend and I had to take the tags off of the clothes and then draw a red X on the tags inside of the clothes. My friend couldn’t get the tags off the clothes and they didn’t give us scissors to take the tags off, so I had to switch with her. We were able to discount a lot of clothes, and helped a lot. It was fun, but my hands really hurt afterwards because of ripping all of the tags off. Helping out at the thrift shop really made a lot of the kids in my advisory realize how fortunate we are!


“The Giver” Assignment By: Kay Y.









In language arts class we are reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. In The Giver at the age of twelve there is a ceremony called The Ceremony of 12. At the ceremony of 12 you are given an assignment of what your job will be when you grow up. This “assignment” determines the rest of your schooling and what your career will be. I think I would be assigned an engineer. I’m always trying different things and I’m a strong math and science student. I often make new things and enjoy trying new experiments.


The Westing Game By Kay Y.






Photograph taken by; Kay Y. Of The Westing Game by; Ellen Raskin

In Language Arts class we read The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin as a class. The novel is very complex! It has so many layers to it and each character having their own story and connection. I think it’s amazing how Ellen Raskin was able to put clues in the middle of the novel and not have you think a thing of it until the end when it becomes much bigger and more important than you ever thought it would be. There’s an amazing amount of red herrings that you think are very important, I found myself often thinking about the red herrings more than the actual clues as to what helped me figure out the ending to the book.


My Hero by Kay










Photo taken by Mrs. Donnelly at the Frank Gallery.

In language arts class, the sixth grade had to write a story and make a book about their hero. This is the first year ever that the books we made that they were going into the Frank Gallery on Franklin street. Our teachers told us it could be about anyone! As long as the person you choose inspires you, they are your hero! I chose my mom because she is always there for me through the good and bad!

The whole process of making the book took about a month. We had to write, edit, and revise our stories half of the time, the other half we had to make the paper, fold, and glue the paper to make our books. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it in the end!

The first day I walked into the art room not knowing any of my scenes or what I would make my book look like. I think the best part of the whole process was when my mom saw it for the first time, it took a lot of time and effort, but in the end it was worth it! I think the hardest part was peer editing because everyone’s story was so different and special! This is a really fun experience, and I can’t wait to take my book home from the gallery!

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