Comic Project By Kira S







In LA class we had to do a comic on any wisdom tale we would like to retell. I chose The Wild Strawberry. Using Comic Life was new to me because I hadn’t used it before. Although once I got the hang of it, it was really fun. I also enjoyed drawing my pictures and then using Sketch Book Pro to add detail to the picture. It was fun to learn how to use Sketch Book Pro! I did enjoy this project and I hope we do something like this again!

Christmas Time By Kira S.

It’s that time of year to decorate trees, make cookies and make your wish list! Can you believe that Christmas is only 7 days away! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a time when all of my family is together and we have an amazing time! When I do appreciate all the gifts a receive, I especially enjoy the actual feel of Christmas. I can’t wait for Christmas and winter break! I hope we get at least 2 inches of snow this year! Happy almost Christmas everyone! 🎅🎄🎁

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Open Note Test By Kira S






Today in Language Arts we took an open note wisdom tale test. When I took the wisdom tales test I thought it was helpful to have my notes if I needed them. When I first looked at the test, it looked a little hard. Although when I actually got the test and started it, it was easy. I liked how we had the option of extra credit. I think memorizing the last six lines was a good way to earn extra credit!

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