My Ideal Teacher by Lana K.

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If I were to give advice to a teacher this would be it: be the teacher that everyone hopes they get. For example, in my opinion, teachers should be firm, fun, and flattering.

For the firm part, teachers shouldn’t be so submissive that they would let someone get away with murder, but not so strict that a student would get in trouble for going to the bathroom without permission.

For the fun part, teachers should surprise their students once in a while. For example, my second grade teacher, every month or so after assembly, would have “the magic unicorn” visit our classroom. It would sprinkle glitter everywhere and leave a note. It would let us use our imaginations to become more creative people and allow us to have a great time in the midst of our school day.

For the flattering part, teachers should give credit to their students for doing something un-ordinarily good. That’s a reason why I like the ODA Service Awards given to students at DA Middle School that went up and beyond with their service to classmates and the community in general, nominated by teachers. In my opinion, the awards show the good side of people that you wouldn’t expect to help out.


Second Community Service by Lana K.

At Durham Academy Middle School every advisory is required to participate in two community service activities per school year. Each advisory either stays on campus or goes off to better the community.

Earlier this school year, my advisory visited the Ronald McDonald House and made luminaries. The second time around, we did something a little different. We stayed on campus and helped work on the improvement of our environment. The girls planted flowers and the boys worked with the maintenance crew to mulch.

I wasn’t very excited about the idea of planting flowers at first because I thought it would be boring. Although, once we were done, I realized how much more colorful and vibrant the campus was with the new begonias we planted. I also noticed how much neater and fresh my surroundings looked with new mulch.

Overall, I am glad that I got to be part of the community service experience.


My Assignment: By David P.

In class, we are reading a book called “The Giver”. In its fictional “community”, everyone gets an “Assignment” of a job at age twelve. Like the protagonist of the book, I would be about to receive my Assignment. The Committee of Elders in the community keeps track of what you do in your recreational hours to base your Assignment off of. In my recreation time, I like to learn to program computers. I think that a logical Assignment for me would be Computer Scientist, because I am clearly devoted to that field of expertise.


The Giver Assignment by Lana K.

In Language Arts we just started reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. In The Giver, at the age of 12, each child is given an Assignment. Their Assignment is their job for the rest of their lives. Their Assignment is selected very carefully by the Council of the Elders.

If I were to select my own Assignment, as if I was in The Giver, I would choose to be a Teacher for the Fours. I love children and it’s excited for me when they get the hang of something new! I would be very pleased if the Council of Elders chose that Assignment for me.

What Assignment would you select for yourself?


The Westing Game by Lana K.








In Language Arts class we just finished reading The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. I love this book because of how Ellen Raskin incorporates every little detail that leads to a deduction. Even though sometimes I found myself confused, it was a good challenge for my mind.

There are many characters in The Westing Game, and our class had to illustrate each personality and fill out a Tradin Card for each one. My favorite character is Sandy McSouthers because of his upbeat personality and attitude. My least favorite is James Hoo because he is always negative and grumpy and doesn’t look on the bright side of things. Who is your favorite character?

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Hero Project by Jenny

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In the sixth grade language arts class we did a project on a person who is a big influence in our life, in other words our “hero”. My hero is my dad. During this project we had to create a handmade book with a cover and back cardboard made by our lovely guest appearance “Peg Gignoux” who included our work with hers in the Frank Gallery. During this making we painted sheets of paper with stamps, and cut them up and pasted them onto our book of our liking. We then typed up paragraphs talking about our hero’s life story and how they are important to us. Once those got printed, cut, and glued in our book, our books were soon enough on their way to the Frank Gallery on Franklin Street for public views.

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Hero Books by Lana K.

Photos by Mrs. Donnelly

This semester in Language Arts we created books about a hero that we have. There was a literary and an artistic concept to this project. For the literary part, we wrote about our hero. We had to write an introduction to the project, a paragraph about their childhood, three different paragraphs about three different characteristics your hero obtains, and a paragraph about how your hero has impacted your life. For the artistic aspect, we created a scene that is important to us with our hero by stamping patterns, cutting, and layering paper.

For my hero, I chose my dad. The hardest part of this project was probably going through the editing process of my writing. The easiest (and most fun, in my opinion) was creating my scene. In my scene, my dad and I were walking through New York City, enjoying the city scenery, for my 10th birthday. Overall, I really loved creating my hero books and I’m sure all of the heroes enjoyed them, too.

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Wisdom Tale by Dylan J.








The beginning of my story starts with a wolf, named Clover, who is thrown out of his pack and goes to a wise owl. The wise owl says that his pack needs him because he has the ability to think before he acts. When Clover goes back to his packs ground he sees them fighting another clan and in the and gets the two packs to have peace. The moral of this story is to think before you act. The reason I did this moral was because I think that to think before you act is extremely important.

Open-Note Test by Jenny

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Today everyone in LA BLUE and LA GREEN took an open-note test on the Wisdom Tales and the different type of stories. I found the open note test to be a lot easier to work with because if I were to hesitate on a question I had my notes for back up.

How I studied was I would re-read the wisdom tales about every night and I would think about the morals that were alike. I would also go over my MindMiester app every night and think about what each different type of story meant.

The test was not as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it sure was a little long! I am very happy that we got to use our notes because they really helped me with most questions and they were easy to work with since I had the right notes.

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Chapter 6 in Vocab World by Matthew

Hello guys! I’m sorry for the wait on chapter 5, but it is out there now! Today I have chapter 6 ready. The next chapter will be really good.


NOTICE!!! There are only two more week of vocab left so I will not be posting that for my story. Once I have ten comments on what words I should use for the next chapter I will write and post. If you do give a word, Thank you so much for contributing to my story! If I don’t use it in the next chapter, it will be in a chapter, so don’t worry!

Chapter 6

Snowi, Simwin, or Snow?


Sorry for messing up last chapter, but I think you will enjoy this one. The people I am going to talk about are Snow, “I COME FIRST!!!” yelled Simwin. “Thanks for interrupting me Simwin. By the way, Simwin is as bizzare as an alien. “NO I AM NOT YOU _____” yelled Simwin. “I don’t think I would like you to say that last word.” I replied. Simwin stormed off to his room. He does that sometimes. Anyways, Snowi hates the snow. “NO I DO NOT!” He yelled. “Neither does Snow. “Get your mind right for once May!” yelled Snow. “Oh, wait, I can say as much bad stuff about Simwin!” I whispered. “STOP!” Snowi yelled. “Do you guys know how to laugh or not? I thought you tried to do it every day! I mean, week!” Simwin never has sent a billet-doux in his life. He is planning on it though. I’m not sure to who, Hark could tell you. Anyways, His cuisine is very ambrosial, for he really likes the Greek gods. Snowi likes celestial food so thats what he calls it and Simwin gets really mad. Simwin is really sad all the time because our parents died in the holocaust. I get sort-of sad too because now I take over the family because I’m thirteen. Good thing Simwin can cook or else we would be bankrupt. Snow can jump, then gyrate with halcyonly. “WHERE’S MY GAUNTLET!” yelled Snow. Snow has this amphibious gauntlet that he likes. “IT’S IN THE CLOSET” I yelled back. “MATTHEW! GOOD NEWS!!! YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE THIS THURSDAY!” yelled Mark. I checked my watch. It was Tuesday.</div>