Talk To Your Teen by Katie C.

Photo taken by Katie of Katie’s iPod.

We are reading the book Cosmic. In the cosmic Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen to help he act more like a grown up. This is what I would add to the book.

Most teens what phones or their own computer. If you feel your teen is ready for a phone, talk to them and get them one that they like, but don’t overdo it. Reasons to get your teen a phone are if they do sports or if they stay at home a lot. Another reason is if they always need to contact you or tell you they are ready to leave, but if you do not think they are ready for a phone get them a cheap, easy to replace phone. Do not let your teen text all of the time. At diner take their phone so they will not text. Do not be afraid of taking your teen’s phone.

Laptop, iPads, or computes are important for school and work. If your teen uses a computer for homework all of the time then maybe you can get them their own computer and make sure you have plenty of computers for them to use. If they have their own computer don’t let them spend all of their time on the computer. If they do, then take away the computers or iPads so they can meet with real friends and do sports. Your teen might be mad at you for taking their computer, but you need to let them know the computer is for school. Always do what you think is best for your teen.

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Laptops vs. iPad Which one is better? by Marta


The privileges of each one is endless. Laptop: easier typing, better Internet,etc. iPad: 10-hour battery, touch screen, games, apps, etc. The battle is endless. What are the specific privileges and powers of each?

iPads                                                          MacBooks

  • 10-hour battery.                     Easier to Type
  • Lighter.                                     Better internet.
  • Faster to turn on.                    Easier to keep documents.
  • Smaller to handle.                  Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.
  • Touch screen.                           Bigger screen
  • Educational Applications.     Websites more available
  • New York Times app.              Newspapers easier to read, due to bigger screen.
As I said, the battle may be endless.