Lady Or The Tiger by Neil


This project the lady or the tiger required a lot of creativity. We wrote an ending to a story that didn’t have one. In the story the princess would pick a fate for her love. She would point to either the door on the left or on the right. The man would have to consider what the princess would want for him. Behind one door there was a lady that he would be married to, behind the other there was a ferocious tiger. Then the man would walk up to one of the doors and open it. He would meet whatever lay behind the door he picked.

This is my ending to the story.

Standing, shaking, and wondering. What will fate lead me to? A horrible bloody death, or an end where I would never be truly happy. Needing to be married to one that I don’t love. What would the princess want to suffer from? To live forever in jealousy of the wife, that I was married to, but have me live? Or be rid of me and never have to remember this day again but have the guilt? These questions were gnawing at my insides.

When asked, the princess quickly thrust her arm to the right, seemingly responding to the call with no thought. I observed the princess with meaningful, serious eyes. The crowd finally quieting after the grand applause. The people seemed eager to proceed with the event.

Returning my gaze back to the doors, I decided that the princess would have wanted me killed because of the jealousy that would come if I were to be married. This was was my final decision. However, I would never truly be sure of what was behind the doors until I opened a door. After all, she was half barbaric. That gene had been passed down from her father and the previous rulers. So expecting this, mind racing, I slowly drifted to the door on the left. Murmurs and gasps traveled through the crowd. All thinking, why would he choose differently from the princess?

Reaching for left door, I wrapped my hand around the handle. Standing there for what seemed like an eternity, I pulled. The door creaked open. There was a ferocious roar, and instantly I dove out of the way. Before even having a chance to look back. I felt an enormous pain. My last thought I would ever have was why didn’t I trust the princess?

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