The Two Trees By Joanna

The Two Trees

Once, long ago, there was an uninhabited forest. In the forest, all of the trees were alive, but they could not move from where they were rooted. They talked to their neighbors and sent messages from tree to tree in peace for many years.

One day, Two young saplings named Tucker and Luke decided they wanted to see the forest beyond their neighbors. They stretched and stretched, but they could not see beyond a few feet. They were very sad and they wanted to see the rest of the forest very badly.

The next day Tucker thought of something that no tree had ever thought of before. They were going to uproot themselves and walk around on their roots. Luke and Tucker shifted their roots until they were all above ground. All of the trees around them said “What are you doing?!?!”

They said, “We are going to see the rest of the forest! We are going to go to places where no other trees have gone!”

The older trees said, “We wouldn’t do that if we were you! You will fall over and cut your bark and snap your limbs!”

Luke and Tucker replied, “No we won’t! You old trees are just jealous of our wonderful idea!” And they started to walk away.

After a few steps, they both fell. The older trees helped them up and put them back into the ground. Luke and Tucker were happy to stay where they were from then on.

Moral: Think before you do something.