Me Job Chapter 12

I only have chapter 12 ready right now. The story gets exiting here. Enjoy reading. Comment if you want. I love this picture. It fits perfectly with the clouds rolling in and the Sears Tower in the top right corner. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!

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Chapter 12 

It was all a blur, the first quarter. The Panthers and Cam Newton had jumped all over the bears, the score was 14-0, but there were already two fumbles a pick-6, and a rushing touchdown by Newton, but none of it mattered that much. I was having a great time with my girlfriend at a football game away from home. My mom went to buy us lunch. I decided to share a pizza with Rian, and she went to buy a sandwich. Suddenly, Matt Forte broke free streaking down the field, jukeing defenders until he reached the endzone. Touchdown Bears! Everyone around me roared. The bears had finally scored. I looked to my left, and Rian was gone.


I yanked my phone out of my pocked and speed dialed my mom. She never picked up. I dialed Rian trying not to panic. H-hello I stammered. “Hello Drew!” a deep, evil voice with a British accent shouted. I screamed. This is Walter, personal assistant to Mr. Travie Hawker, how may I direct your call. RIANNNNNN!!! I screamed. Dr-, it was cut off. People eyeballed me like I was crazy. Here is your food my Mom said, arriving with an armful of plastic containers. “MOM!” I yelled! Rian is gone! As Drew explained the situation to his mother Rian was approaching the Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago. Tape was around her mouth and she was tied up with rope. Walter dragged her into the elevator and 30 seconds later he opened the door to Hawker Real Estate. Nothing made sense. Why did Hawker want Rian, and did have anything to do with Drew’s father?

Me Job Chapter 11 (Twist in next chapter)

My story has been very boring lately, but I had to let some time go by before I let the story get suspenseful. The suspense starts here! Please comment. They are very much appreciated!

Chapter 11

We watched the movie about Chicago, Rian and I fell asleep out of boredom. Walking out of the theater my mom’s phone rang. She picked it up on the first ring and a friend from Colorado picked up. She had extra tickets to the Carolina-Chicago game. “Mom! You can’t turn those down.” I persuasively said. “I’m sorry Sarah, but we….” my mom trailed off. “We’ll take them!” She said. “You’re free for the game? Right mom?” I questioned. “Yes, Andrew. Of course.” My mother replied almost sarcastically.

That night. My mom had a meeting in the hotel, so Rian and I bought room service pizza. I heard a soft knock at the door, followed by the sound of a man with a deep voice saying, “Pizza!” A very big African-American man walked in. He was wearing a blue Matt Forte jersey and large Levi’s jeans. I accepted the pizza and handed the man a 10 dollar bill. The bill was snatched out of my hand and the man turned around muttering to himself, “Is that the little girl Tractor wants?” While we were eating, Rian peeped, “Who was that suspicious man?” “I don’t know Rian.” I said. After eating pizza and watching the Poinsettia Bowl between Wyoming and BYU. Rian climbed into the Queen size bed, and me into the pullout couch. When I woke up that morning it was 9- o’clock and my Mom was shaking me. “Wake up Drew; we have to leave for the game in an hour. I got dressed, put on my Raptors t-shirt, pants and a sweatshirt. We took a cab to the game early to avoid traffic.  When we pulled up to Soldier Field on Lake Shore Drive I sniffed the cool and crisp fall air. It was a great day for a football game, nothing could go wrong.

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Me Job Chapter 10 (The twist is coming!) by Josh

Chapter 10

“TAXI!” I yelled as a yellow cab sped past us. “TAXI!” I yelled again. This time I waved my arms. A taxi-van pulled up and we told the guy to take us to the museum of Science and Industry. We drove past the towering John Hancock building. My cousin Oliver  has been there.

We passed Soldier Field on the way, I really want to go to a Bears game on this trip. They are playing Carolina.  When the taxi finally pulled up onto Lake Shore Drive, we saw the towering Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science center on the Western Hemisphere. There was an exhibit about a World War 2 boat and I wanted to see that. Rian hopped out of the car and I followed her into the museum. We were greeted by Dr. Ethan Silverman, the head of the museum as we walked in. We bought tickets to an iMax movie about Chicago in the 1940’s. I led us through the museum, not stopping until I found something interesting. I saw a small exhibit about genes and twins. I am fascinated by twins, I wish I had a sibling because  it is very hard being an only child, but you do get the best Hanukkah presents. At the exhibit there were pictures of boy-boy,girl-girl, and girl-boy twins. I learned the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins. We moved on down the hallway and found a little room, where it demonstrated how something was manufactured. I pulled a few quarters out of my pocket and carefully inserted them into the machine. I followed the steps to see that a spinning top was being made. My top had to be sent back for a faulty gear. By the time my top made it through I had seen the entire manufacturing process. Maybe if football doesn’t work out I’ll go into engineering.

Me Job Chapter 9 (what you’ve all been waiting for)

I wanted more comments to post more. I really want to know your opinion of my story. I have not touched it in two weeks and even more because of break. I have written 11 chapters, but plan on writing 16. If anyone is up for illustrating my story that job is still available. Here is Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Tuesday came fast. Before school started I told her. “Ummm sure.” she said. “That sounds cool.” “Your mom already has packed for you.” I replied. “Sweet.” she said.“You know Travie lives in Chicago.” I mentioned to her. She said that she didn’t. The week slowly trudged on, Wednesday and Thursday, but especially Friday went by too slowly. We were finally getting on the plane. Rian got stuck in security because she left her iPhone in her pocket. TSA agents waved her and we were finally cleared. We barely made it on time for boarding, but we made it onto the huge and full of T.V.s Delta 737. I sat down with my mom and Rian, and popped on ESPN. Neil Everett and Stan Verret were discussing that Rob Gronkowski was the best tight end in the league. I flipped it to XM radio. Jason Derülo’s “It Girl” was playing loud. I knew he was going to be a star when I first heard “In My Head” , nobody knew about him, but since, he has written “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, “Watcha Say”, and my personal favorite, “Ridin’ Solo”.  The song changed to “Good Feeling” by Flo-Rida. I love music, but I hate country, very unlike Robbie. The T.V.s made the 2 and a half hour plane ride easy and quick. The Delta landed smoothly into Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The plane was connecting the flight from Atlanta. My mom didn’t have a meeting until later that evening so we decided to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.

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Me Job (The Artist) by Josh

Picture by me on skitch

My story “Me Job” is going to be finished over break, (hopefully). I am looking for someone who might have an interest in illustrating it. You don’t have to do the whole story of course, but maybe you could do your favorite scene. If you have not read my story and would like to just comment, tell me. Your drawing could be on Skitch, a computer drawing program, for those of you who didn’t know, or you could send me some sketches. Finn, I would like to figure out how you inserted a head into Comic Life. I am interested in your Friends comic.

Here is another excerpt from “Me Job” Just to let you know, this will be the last excerpt that I will share. Like I said, I am really close to finishing the story.


Chapter 8

After our 60-3 blowing up of the Dynamite I went home and changed into street clothes. We picked up Rian from her house and drove over to George’s. I helped Rian out of the car. She took my hand and jumped down. “You played great!” she said sweetly. “I know!” I said. My mom left us alone. A waiter approached us and asked, “First date?” “Ummm yah.” I said. “What would you like to drink?” I ordered a Cheerwine (my favorite) and Rian got one too (also her favorite). I ordered a cheeseburger to satisfy my rumbling stomach. Rian ordered chicken fingers with fries off of the kids menu. “Drew, I was on Facebook the other day and some guy named @tractor4somewhere,USA started following me. Do you know him?” “Ummm yah I sort of know him. He’s been emailing me and following me on Facebook. My dad played with him in college. “Ok. Cool,” Rain exclaimed. Our food and drinks came. We ate happily until Rian’s mom came to pick her up. I whispered in my mom’s ear, “Can Rian come to Chicago”? I asked my mom. “Sure!” she  whispered back. “Mrs. Tecktiel, can Rian come to Chicago?” “Sure,” she said, “but let’s wait until Tuesday to tell her.” “Okay,” I replied. “I will.”

Me Job Chapters 5-7 By Josh K

These Chapters are really short, but maybe the most interesting? Read to find out. If youu have any ideas for a villain in my story please tell me.

Chapter 5

The next day I went to Hebrew School. I don’t particularly like Hebrew School, but at break I play football with my teacher, Aaron, who has crazy hair and was a counselor at my camp (Ramah). At Hebrew School we talked about a prayer. I am pretty good at reading Hebrew. So when it was time for Hebrew. I got partnered up with Rebecca. I quickly and efficiently read the prayer. At break I threw some passes with Aaron. He is not very good. We talked about how well N.C. State played against the #3 team in the country.

After Hebrew School I looked my Facebook page I had nothing from Travie but realized that my trip to Chicago was in two weeks. A message from Griffin said, “Dude you need a girlfriend. Ask out Rian. You two are perfect for each other.” I started to think about it and think about it. The more I thought about it the more I knew I was going to do it.
I talked to my mom about. She said that she didn’t really care and that she would always be supportive of me.
Chapter 6
I kind of knew she was going to say yes. She really likes me and it’s obvious, so I wasn’t worried about asking her out. I had it it all planned out. I was going to find some time where she wasn’t talking with her friends and where there were no teachers. I was going to say, “Rian, will you go out with me?” I was so nervous. I couldn’t concentrate in first period, or second period, or third period or at lunch. At lunch she was sitting all alone and I was this close to doing it , but I got too scared to do it. Later at recess she was all alone without any of her friends near. I walked up to her and said, “Hey Rian, whats up?” “Not much what about you?” she said glumly. “Ummmmm will you go out with me? How about lunch at George’s after my game?

Oh my god! Yes Drew! Of course. I never thought you’d ask. I had this huge goofy grin on my face and Griffin could tell. “I knew she was going to say yes.” said Griffin happily. “Who?” I whirled around to see that it was Robbie. “Rian!” I said. “Score one for Drew!” Oh yeah! Let’s go beat the Dynamite.

Chapter 7

On Saturday I was excited that Friday I was going to Chicago! My mom was on a business trip for a conference. She is a Cardiologist at UNC. I hate Carolina though. Go N.C. State! In warm ups at our game I noticed a really tall, new person on the Dynamite. I absolutely love their red and orange uniforms. Nike sponsors them even though they stink. Our uniforms  on the other hand are a dinky green with a dinosaur on our helmet.

Our game blew by. After winning the coin toss I threw a 30 yard pass to Griffin, who took it the rest of the 40 yards to the end zone. Touchdown Raptors! Robbie scored on a thirty three yard run. Do I really need to tell you the rest? Let’s get to my date.

Who likes this helmet design for the Raptors?

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My Creative Writing By Josh K

Lately my writing has been slow, I do not have many ideas and nothing sparks an idea. I need a real villain in my story, but can’t come up with one. I have ideas for making it a three story series. Here is another excerpt from my story, “Me Job”

I was completely distracted from our football game that week. I couldn’t pay any attention at practices so I didn’t learn that the flea flicker signal had been changed. That game I was confident we were going to beat the Greensboro Gale even though we were away. The Gale won the coin toss. They chose to kick and have the momentum at halftime.

Griffin jogged out to the end zone to receive the kick. Boom! You could hear the noise of the kicker kicking it, that’s one of my favorite football sounds, except when Griffin fumbles that kick. The ball was loose, but he scooped it back up, stalling the defense, breaking a tackle and racing down the field. The field was wide open for about 60 yards until one defender caught up. Griffin reached the 10 yard line but didn’t shake that defender. At the 5 yard line he dove. It seemed like slow-mo as Griffin outstretched his whole body and you heard it crash! The defender hit him but some how Griffin hung on. Touchdown Raptors! The few Raptors parents were going crazy as the Gale fans groaned.

Our kicker, Tommy followed with a touchback and our defense forced a three and out. Griffin received the punt and took it back 46 yards to midfield. I thrust my helmet on and jogged out onto the field. I called a pass play in the huddle. “Lets go!” I said to get my team pumped up. I threw a pass to our tight end number 45 ,who dropped it. I called a sweep to Robbie. (Tip, This play always works in Madden)But not in real life Robbie was caught for a loss of five. I overthrew a pass to Henry. 4th down and time to punt. I walked off the field in disgust after our horrible drive. The Gale were eating up the clock and picking up little gains of 6 ,8 , and,3 yards tiring our defense they eventually scored and we were down 14-7 going into halftime.


Coming out of halftime we were absolutely fired up from Coach Anderson’s speech. Our defense forced a fumble and one of our linemen returned it 33 yards for a touchdown. That had me going crazy. By the fourth quarter the score was 21-17 Gale. There were five minutes left and we got the ball at our own 15 yard line. Robbie chipped away at the clock, first and ten, six more four here, pitch there. The clock was running out and Robbie showed no signs of tiring out. I threw a deep pass to Henry but it was nearly intercepted.  All right, there was 00:07 on the clock and we had 1 timeout. It was third and 10 from midfield the smart thing to do would be to throw a medium pass to Griffin and let him run, but there was very little time to do that. We had to do our Flea Flicker, I got the signal from coach and called the play. Our O-Line looked at me I was crazy but we went with it. I threw a perfect pitch to Robbie, but he wasn’t even there, he was streaking down the field just like all my receivers. A defensive player pounced on the ball as time ran out.

(Coach broke his headset) What had gone wrong? I called the right play but my receivers didn’t do the right play. Coach screamed in my ear, “I CALLED THE HAIL MARY!!!! DID YOU EVEN NOTICE WHEN I CHANGED THE SIGNAL THURSDAY AT PRACTICE,OR WERE YOU JUST  WORRYING ABOUT YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?!” “I’m sorry coach.” I replied. “Go run.” he yelled. I did.