My First Memory I Would Give By Joanna






If I was the Giver, I would give the memory of hiking in the mountains first, so the Receiver could get a big hill and a town and sunshine and maybe some snow all at the same time! In the memory, you would be in the middle of the mountainside and you would be looking out at the other mountains and at the bottom of this one there would be a town. Then you would keep going up and up and it starts snowing so you head back down the mountain. This memory would also transmit a little pain, too because of being tired and cold. This would be a good memory to give the new Receiver as their first memory.

Memory From The Giver By Annie N.

The memory I would give Jonas is the mountains. You can see animals and sometimes you can see snow. The mountains are covered with snow or sometimes leaves. In the mountains it is cold and cloudy. Sometimes it is sunny but mostly it is just cloudy. The mountains are interesting because you can’t experience it every day and for me it is sometimes relaxing.