I Am Grateful For….by Mrs. D

3 girls

I am grateful for my family. We have three incredible daughters who teach us something new every day. I like how they are involved in activities that are familiar to me and some things that are completely new. Nicole is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education which I know about but she loves to sing. I cannot even begin to do that, especially on stage! Jordan and Brynn play soccer, which I am familiar with, but they play on the field. I was a keeper so I learn something every time I watch them play. I am grateful for my family every day!

Mindmeister: Maps With Meaning by Mrs. D

We are currently using Mindmeister in our 6th grade Language Arts classroom. As a teacher, I’ve used mind maps or concept mapping for years on paper or with Inspiration on the computer. Last year I was introduced to Mindmeister, an online mapping tool that can be used collaboratively. In addition, it can be accessed via the iPad each student has in the classroom.

Mindmeister map

Today we finished mapping types of stories. Students explored with color and themes as they created the maps. When we began talking about how to collapse some of the categories one student discovered what I was leading to next. She exclaimed, “We can use this to study! We can look at a category and then expand it to see if we remembered everything.” Voila! Constructivism strikes again. What are some other ways you use Mindmeister?

Mindmeister map

Types of stories with details