Wisdom Tales Test by Nate V.

Today we took an open not test on wisdom tales. I prefer open note tests because you don’t get as stressed about them. You still have to study though! To prepare for the test I read through all my wisdom tales again and worked on memorizing types of stories. It was good having an iPad to hold all my notes. I think it was easier to organize them. The only problem was that my wisdom tales document was so big it took a long time to load! Overall I think the iPad helped a lot!

I Am Thankful For By Nate V

I am thankful for my family. I have two sisters named Evie and Juliana and two cats. Evie is in kingdergarden and Juliana is in elementary school. I am thankful for my parents cooking and getting together with other family members on Thanksgiving. My sisters are very creative and funny. I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving because of all the good food I get to eat. I am thankful my parents can provide meals for me and my sisters.

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iPad Tips by Nate

Here are three tips for you!


If you have anything that you really like and want to protect put it in Evernote. Therefore, if your iPad gets stolen or damaged your things on Evernote will be saved.


If you hold down on an app it will start to shake and you will be able to drag it on top of another app to create a category. This way you can have all your apps on one page.

3.Triple click home

You can go into your accessibility settings and turn on triple click home then you will be able to do things by tapping home three times.

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Community Service by: Nate V

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Yesterday we gleaned sweet potatoes for school community service. We had to fill plastic mesh bags until they were about ten pounds. The sweet potatoes went to people who couldn’t afford food in Durham, Raleigh, and other smaller communities in the area. The inter-faith food shuttle came and picked some of the sweet potatoes up. It felt good to pick all of those potatoes and send them off to people who can’t afford them. It was very fun but it was also pretty hot.

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Ipads by Nate V

I love the iPads because I don’t have to bring home nearly as many books as I had to last year. The homework also seems easier with the iPad. I also like the system of writing down homework better. Evernote notebooks for each class are also a good idea. With Evernote I can see homework and do homework. I can also do things on Skitch an upload them to Evernote.


Image from flickrCC