Camp Cheerio by Nathan

That was such a fun trip! The whole point of it was to get to know a bunch of friends. It was perfect for me because I’m new and I had three solid days to make friends instead of  squeezing it in with classes. The friends I had before camp I got to know even better and I know almost everyone now! Some of the activities included- rope courses, canoeing, mudslide, zip line, hiking Stone Mountain, archery, and many more!

The nights were just as fun as day activities. For the two nights we were there we split up into two groups by advisories (kind of like homeroom) and either went to campfire stories or energizer. I had campfire stories the first night. The second night of course I had energizers which was one of the most fun things there for me because I’m super enthusiastic. Therefore my friend and I went all out dancing and on all the activities. Finally, I ended up on the stage with the two counselors that were teaching the dances right when the whole 6th grade walked in and I was having a blast dancing to Party Rock. Next summer I am so going back!

Me at the top of the vertical playpen

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly