This Picture By Nathan G.

Photo by Me

Whenever I look at this photo that I took on the south beach of Bald Head Island I am in my own world. It calms me in seconds even when I am amped up! I can feel the cool ocean breeze and the sound of waves smacking against the shore in a rhythm. I remember this exact moment when I took this and I thought, “This is MY picture!” It explains my life. The grass swaying in the wind are my friends and family rooted to me but will sway to the world. The waves crashing in the background are the rough times but eventually will be smooth and calm. The sand is what the rough times make stronger and is what the grass is anchored to. The sand is me. Many things that make a whole. Please comment what happens to you when you look at it or what you see in this photo!

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The NC Nature News–Alex G


So, I am part of the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue and have now made my own website/blog about my own passion, nature. Some of the pictures on this blog are on it too. Just paste or type this in the URL:  and the website will come up. Please comment on it as much as you do on the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue. If you like nature, animals, and/or photography, check it out. If you don’t like nature, animals and/ or photography, still check it out and it may make you like those kinds of things. I hope you like it!