My Wisdom The Slacker Neil M








Creating this Wisdom Tale was easier than expected. After reading so many in LA Class there were already ideas circling in my head. Also things going on in my life led from one thing to another and all of a sudden my idea was created. I’m glad that my story had a different moral than most because that’s what makes mine different from others.

This moral isn’t only different, it’s also in my opinion very important and applies to many things. For example in most sports, it’s hard to do well without finishing strong, but it can apply to school too. Or when writing, finish paragraphs and ending a story or essay.

There are many morals that could be used and many that haven’t been put into words. Some are very abstract and some are more literal. After reading the Wisdom Tales in LA the possible choices for a Wisdom Tale is extremely long. Please enjoy my Wisdom Tale and learn!

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The Red and Blue Coat Neil M

This is my comic I made based on the Wisdom Tale, The Blue and Red Coat. The illustrations were all made on Sketchbook pro on the iPad, then transferred to the computer and put together using Comic Life. The comic was a project for LA. Overall, I liked this project a lot, it was fun to draw the pictures. The creativity was endless. I could change the size of each comic strip box, rotate, and make more. Change the font color and size. Add speech bubbles of any type, exclamation, regular, anger, thought, and imagination. I’m looking forward to posting my own Wisdom Tale on the blog too.

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Pink Panther Song Neil M

I recorded the Pink panther song on the piano. Below I inserted the recording of it, on VoiceThread, using the iPad. This particular piece was the hardest I had ever played, taking me over three weeks to master. My piano teacher helped me to break it down and lead me to success. On the day I recorded the song, I had just had a piano lesson. Even though I thought I was ready, playing a three page song with no mistakes is difficult. Especially when I know that one mistake and I would have to restart from the beginning. After about 40 previous mess-ups, I reached the end on a perfect run. This song really challenged my piano skill. Please enjoy! This song took a lot of effort to play. Maybe the only reason I was able to perfect it was because I saw my friend in Pennsylvania played it when he was nine. So I thought, “If he could do it, then I certainly could too.”

I Am Thankful For the iPads Neil M







The iPads that the Durham Academy middle school received are a real privilege to have. Everyone in the school takes advantage of the tools that are available. Evernote is very easy to use and is my favorite app on our iPads. Keeping me organized with my notes, it is easy to find homework assignments that I forgot to write down. The iPads open up new activities to do in class and new kinds of projects. Recently in my LA class we used the iPads to make Keynote presentations. I hope Durham Academy will add to the iPad experience, and that my classmates will take advantage of this opportunity as much as I have.

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Piano Neil M

I’m learning the Pink Panther theme song now on the piano! I have almost mastered the song. It’s the hardest piece I have ever had. And it’s not a simplified version. Once I finish it, I’m going to record it and put it on the blog.




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Good vs Well project Neil M

In this project I have learned a lot! Not only about good and well but about all the other grammar projects that were presented. Some I hadn’t really thought about. For example, I know I still need to learn a bit more about lie and lay. Also, I thought I knew all about writing numbers in a sentence, but I was wrong! I didn’t know that when you first write a number in a sentence it doesn’t matter if it’s in word or number form; the following numbers in that sentence have to be written the same way. There was a lot of information I learned about grammar from this project, and I hope you learned as much as I did. I would like to share one picture from my presentation too.

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Community Service Neil M

About half of the sixth grade took a trip to a sweet potato farm where we gleaned sweet potatoes. Knowing I was helping the community was really a great experience. Like every sweet potato I pick, someone that needs the food would get one more sweet potato. My group of three picked about 40 bags of potatoes. Each bag was about 10 pounds. Everyone I saw was taking advantage and picking as much as we could. I look forward to seeing how many pounds, as a whole, our group picked.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

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I Am Proud Of by Neil M

I am proud of running in the national track and field meet, in the 1500 meter race, over the summer leading up to sixth grade. I finished 19th with a time of 5:03 seconds. There were 57 runners in my age group running the 1500 meter from all over the country. The runner that won in my age group was from the triangle. He set a national record! I’ve been racing against him in every single meet and can’t quite beat him.

Camp Cheerio Neil M.

Camp Cheerio was definitely one of the best school trips ever! There were so many different activities to try. The vertical playpen was my favorite activity at camp. Each different course to the top was challenging in a different way. Camp was a great way to meet new kids in my grade. Also a lot of team work was involved. When my group went canoeing it was absolutely pouring. For the first hour we couldn’t have gotten more wet. I think my partner and I got stuck at least twenty times. At one part we were going through level 1 rapids. The meals were also a great advantage to the camp, I looked forward to every meal! I wish I could go back.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly