Happy Late Holidays Annie N

Happy Late Holidays

I had a super fun time. Getting up at 11 every morning. Spending time with my family. Christmas morning breakfast. Opening presents. Playing with friends but there was one more thing I almost forgot about doing. Asking you how was your holiday? Did you spend time with your family? What did you and your family do over the holiday? Did you go out of town, go on a cruise or just stay at home? I know I went out of town for not that long but I wonder what you guys did.

Christmas Decoration

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2012 is a New Year!!! by: Cheyse L.

2012 is a New Year! We all should make a change. We can do it and make better grades. I made some New Year resolutions as the Ball dropped in Times Square. My New Year resolutions are:

  • To make better grades.
  • To make new friends.
  • To spend more time with my family.
  • To do better in TDF (my dance company).
  • To do better in DST (my dance school).
  • To have fun all year long!
  • Many more!

Those are all of mine. What are yours? Thank you for reading. I hope you had fun as the clock ticked to 12:01.

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2011 by Josh

As 2011 is coming to a close, there are some things that I will remember for a lifetime, and others that I would like to remember, but I will forget. I will probably never forget the day at school when Osama Bin Ladin was killed, it was very hectic. At my old school, we would discuss important current events of the past day in LA. I remember when the earthquake in Japan occurred, we spent one entire class period sharing our information about it. I did a current event worksheet event about the royal wedding when William popped the question, and followed it up on the day of their wedding. There have been many bad things this year, such as the death of co-founder of apple, Steve Jobs, but there have been many goods things, such as my first year at sleep away camp. In the coming 2012 I am looking forward to the Presidential election, the London Olympics, and my birthday. This new year, I am going to try to become a better athlete. What are your new year’s resolutions? How do you want to spend the new year?

2011: A Year in Review By: Davis C

This year has been a HUGE year, that doesn’t mean that it has had it’s downs too. Like with the tenth year of 9/11, or with the floods in Japan and Brazil, and with the death of Steve Jobs along with a ton of  amazing people. The thing I think I will remember is with the death of Osama Bin Laden because he was a horrible man to Americans, so this was a huge deal. The think I will look forward to is seeing if my Great Great Great Aunt will turn 100! I think she will but I don’t know. So I hope you all have a happy holidays and happy new year!









2011 Past and Present Tatum T.

Steve Jobs

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This year, 2011, was a very interesting year. Between Steve Jobs dying, The Royal Wedding, and Justin Bieber, but in my personal life my great grandmother turned 91. Just the other weekend we went and celebrated her birthday and all of my family was there. My aunt made a video of all of her pictures. It was great to see all my family before Christmas

In 2012 I am excited to see what new and different things will happen. I hope they find a cure for cancer and the war will be done for good and no more are started. I hope that there are less bad things that happen because so many happened this year. I also hope that 2012 is filled with fun times and great memories!

2011 Review by Cole D.

This is my 2011 review. There are lots of things that are special that happened to me during this eventful year. For example, I got a new dog, Mako. Also, I got another new dog, Blue. They are very cute and play a lot. Another thing that happened to me this year is that I am now able to bike up to Harris Teeter, a store near my house, by myself. These two things stick with me because I play with my dogs a lot now and I bike up to Harris Teeter about every day. In addition to those, I got a new bed, my walls were painted, and my playroom was redone. These stick because I use my room a lot and I use my play room a lot, too. Some things that happened to me this year that are sad are that my step-grandpa died this year. Also, I cut my finger with a pocket knife this year. (I have the scar to prove it.) These are some of the many things (bad and good), that happened to me during this year.


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Photo of: PhotoWalk Egg in China (Built in 2011)









End of year 2011 by Matthew

Some memories from 2011 are…

Last Shuttle-

The last shuttle launch was launched last summer. The new program, the oOion, will probably start in 2014

Space Shuttle

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Japan Attack- Earthquake and Tsunami attacked Japan last year.


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Steve Jobs- Steve Jobs died last year, sad moment for the world.


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But 2012 is coming, a whole new year. Let’s make it a good year.