Talk To Your Teen by Noah







In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen to learn to be more dad like. If I were the author of this book, then one piece of advice I might give to an adult would be having your kids learn time management skills. Have your kid plan a rough schedule based on his/her homework or extra curricular activities. This is a good idea because I myself find that sometimes I do something too long and I have to squeeze a lot of things into a small period of time. Time management really helps you be efficient and organized in thinking. I believe that this skill helps you through many things in life, and you should learn it early.

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If I Were an Adult or One Day by Noah

It was a bright sunny morning, the morning of August 15, 2014. Noah woke up and to his surprise, found out he turned into a grown man overnight! At first he was alarmed at the fact, but then he realized he could do anything that he wanted to. He had a few things in mind and wanted them done right away. First he took off in his dad’s car and bought a Ferrari. He then raced downtown and bought a couple doughnuts, payed a speeding ticket and was off. Then while eating his doughnuts he bought a private jet and flew to Las Vegas. Noah needed money, and fast, so he turned to gambling. Noah ended up winning 9.5 billion dollars and donated one hundred million dollars to help save endangered species of animals. Then everyone realized how cool Noah was and impeached the president and elected Noah to be the new president. Noah then bought a Mercedes convertible and a Corvette for enjoyment and went to the Bahamas for a vacation. But then, while having a nice relaxing day, the man who gambled against Noah came up to him and nearly killed Noah. Noah became so frightened that he seemed to shrink and timed reversed. Before you knew it, Noah was lying back in his bed again, and to his unamusement, he was still a child.

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Book Review Gregor and the Marks Of Secret by Noah C.

 Photo by Noah

The book Gregor and the Marks Of Secret is the fourth book in “The Underland Chronicles.” I chose this book to read because there was a lot of suspense from the previous book. I chose to start reading the series because the series is written by the same author as The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins. “The Underland Chronicle” books, from the ones that I have read, are about a boy named Gregor from New York City. He discovers another world inside earth. This world is underground and they have many prophecies about Gregor that he has to fulfill. These books have a lot of suspense and make you want to keep reading. I highly recommend reading this series.

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Wisdom Tale Comic of The Wild Strawberry by Noah









My L.A. class and I have just recently finished our unit on wisdom tales. We were asked to create a comic on Comic Life that was based on a wisdom tale. I used Skitch at the beginning but I found out that Sketchbook Express was better for drawing and switched over to draw my last few drawings.

For my comic I chose the wisdom tale: The Wild Strawberry. In the story, a man is getting chased by a tiger, he sees a vine on a cliff and jumps to grab on to the vine. The man thought he was safe, but then he saw a tiger at the bottom of the cliff as well. He saw a strawberry on the vine and picked it. The man ate the strawberry and it was only then when he realized how sweet a strawberry could taste. The wisdom tale’s moral is: Even in the worst situations, something will always be good.

My Own Wisdom Tale by Noah C.








Above is my wisdom tale that I wrote for my L.A. class at school. I used Sketchbook Express to draw the picture of the hyena. Comment below to write what you think the moral is to this story.

The Hyena
Noah C.

There once lived a hyena who hated to help others. One day he was asked to help a chicken carry some straw so the chicken could make a bed. The hyena got terribly hungry while carrying the straw and devoured the chicken.

The next day, the hyena was asked yet again to help. This time he had to have an old friend, the zebra, live in his house because the zebra broke his legs and could not care for himself. The hyena was not willing to share his food or water even if the zebra was a friend. The zebra had to find his own food and was starved.

The third day, the hyena was asked to help a lion, but decided to be annoying instead. He stood in the lion’s path and made it hard for the lion to hunt.

Finally, when the hyena got in the lion’s path a couple of times, the lion chased him out of the forest and told him to never come back or else he will be hunted down.


Wisdom Tale Open Note Test by Noah






Today, me and my L.A. class just had our wisdom tales test. The test was open note and I think I prepared pretty well. To prepare for the test, I read each wisdom tale once, then rewrote morals without looking at the notes I already had. I also used my friend’s Quizlet that he made on the types of stories.

I have mixed feelings about open note tests. Since the test is open note, you will be expected to be detailed and have certain things in your notes and will be tested on them. Then again, if you corrected your notes and made sure they were right, the test will be easier.

The advantage of having an iPad for notes is that you won’t lose the notes and the Mindmeister app was very useful for types of stories. I would not have done anything dramatically different, maybe start a day or two earlier is all.

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I Am Thankful For… By Noah


Photo taken by: Meredith Cox

I am thankful for a lot of things, but one thing that I am thankful for is my dog Fillmore. Fillmore is a Doberman Pinscher that is very nice, friendly, and playful. Fillmore is very loyal and occasionally he sits by the piano while I play it and hits a few keys with his snout. Fillmore is also very smart, he can get his leash down from the rack all by himself. Many people think dobermans are mean because they see them helping police and sometimes bad people make them fight each other. But not all dobermans are like that, they might look a little menacing sometimes, but really, after you get to know them they are really nice. Fillmore is a very nice doberman, and I am really thankful for him.

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Book Review on Gregor The Overlander by Noah






Image created by Noah

Gregor The Overlander is about a boy named Gregor. One day, when Gregor was taking his little sister Boots down to do the laundry, Boots falls into a hole behind the dryer. Gregor tried to stop her but he ends up falling in as well. The drop was long and at the end of it, both Boots and Gregor end up in a mysterious place hidden under the surface of the earth. This place was called the Underland.

In the Underland there are a few big changes, like giant friendly cockroaches and huge bats that people ride on. But a dramatic change is that they have a prophecy about an overland warrior (Gregor), going on a quest to defeat the giant, evil rats who are trying to take over the Underland. In addition, Gregor’s father has been missing for years and the Underlanders had his dad’s keys. The Underland leader told Gregor that she believed the rats were holding his dad captive. This information about his father convinced Gregor to go, accompanying him were a few Underlanders that were needed because of the prophecy. Then the team ventured out and hoped to finish the quest and return home. Unfortunately the team runs into many dangers and not all can survive.

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Community Service by Noah

On October 17, some of the Durham Academy 6th graders went to pick up the leftover sweet potatoes in a field that the machines had not picked up. We did this so the sweet potatoes could go to local food banks and give people food who don’t have it. While picking up the sweet potatoes, some thoughts were in my head, such as: “This is really nice that we have a day to go and help the people in need.” It was very hard work though, digging, picking, collecting and more digging. Once we were finished, I recognized how fortunate I am to always have food when I am hungry. I also recognized how hard some people have to work to barely make a living. I think this community service day really gave us all insight on how other’s lives are like.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

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I Am Proud Of by Noah

I am proud of my ability to play the piano at high levels. After winning multiple first places at competitions, I was motivated to be at a state level of competition. I then participated in the regional competition, hoping to get past that level and then get to go to state level. Before regionals I had practiced my piano pieces so many times, I was almost positive I would win the competition. Sure enough I did win, although the suspense was nearly too much for me to handle while I was waiting for the results. I felt so great while driving home, I had passed the regionals and got the opportunity to win states and play in a recital! So after regionals, I had practiced my pieces another billion times and when states finally came I walked in and played my pieces. In the end, I was one of the few people to be selected for the honors recital.