Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Josh K

My book, Peter Nimble, is about a blind boy who finds mysterious eyes that have powers. He is sent on a quest to save a kingdom and encounters many obstacles along the way. If you like books about quests and adventure this is a book for you. It is about 300 pages long and I am not loving it right now, but maybe it will get better. If you have read the book already make a comment, if not try the book. I have a huge waiting list for books, some of them are The Limit, as James described in one of his posts, a Mike Lupica book, and Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. Just as an FYI Peter Nimble is kind of a weird book.

As I was finding this picture, I noticed that the author has a blog, maybe you would like to have a look at that. The website is in the caption, but it is not a link.

Thanks for reading!

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