Pink Panther Song Neil M

I recorded the Pink panther song on the piano. Below I inserted the recording of it, on VoiceThread, using the iPad. This particular piece was the hardest I had ever played, taking me over three weeks to master. My piano teacher helped me to break it down and lead me to success. On the day I recorded the song, I had just had a piano lesson. Even though I thought I was ready, playing a three page song with no mistakes is difficult. Especially when I know that one mistake and I would have to restart from the beginning. After about 40 previous mess-ups, I reached the end on a perfect run. This song really challenged my piano skill. Please enjoy! This song took a lot of effort to play. Maybe the only reason I was able to perfect it was because I saw my friend in Pennsylvania played it when he was nine. So I thought, “If he could do it, then I certainly could too.”

Piano Neil M

I’m learning the Pink Panther theme song now on the piano! I have almost mastered the song. It’s the hardest piece I have ever had. And it’s not a simplified version. Once I finish it, I’m going to record it and put it on the blog.




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My Piano Teachers By Marta B.C.

Man playing pianoMy current piano teacher, Marianna (not the Marla in my class), is the coolest teacher ever, other than she can be strict sometimes! She helps me the piano pieces that I have to play at the recital, and she helps me learn new piano scales, and types of music. My old teacher in England, Aza, was equally good, and they even studied in the same place and city. They are both from Russia! They give theory, and new piano pieces every week! I am incredibly happy with them!