I Am Proud Of by Vasili C.

I am proud of my writing in LA for the blog. I am proud of this because I worked really hard for this blog post and I put a lot of effort into this blog. This is one of the first blogs that I have ever done and I think that I am doing pretty well on it. My blog is about iPads and how I think that they are good and bad and reasons why I think that.



I Am Proud Of… By Alex P.

Image created by Alex

 I am proud of myself for adjusting well in my new school. I feel quite confident that I am doing well here. Although the school is harder, I have felt ready for this new level of academics for a while. I felt scared at first, but now I enjoy it here very much. I am also proud of my language abilities. My mother speaks Cantonese and Spanish as well as English. I have grown in this environment and am proud of it even though it is different.

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I Am Proud Of……. by Lana K.

I am proud of my soccer skills because I have the ability to play many different positions and be good at them. Also, I am proud of my soccer skills because I love to play at practices and games. I enjoy getting better each time I play. Another reason is because when I make mistakes I know that no one will remember it and that I can learn from them. I started playing soccer when I was seven years old and am glad that I did! I hope to play soccer throughout middle school and hopefully high school. Even if I do not keep playing soccer when I’m older it will always be a hobby of mine. I love soccer! 💚⚽💚⚽


I Am Proud Of… By Anna W.

I am proud that I am smart but at the same time I am athletic. I get great grades on my report card and on quizzes/tests. In addition to that, I am a fast runner, I’m on two lacrosse teams, and I play tennis. I just started playing tennis this summer and I enjoy it very much. My main sport is lacrosse and I have my first tournament out of town coming up in Charlotte, NC. I always try my hardest in sports and school. I really enjoy sports because it is a challenge and I like to do extra curriculum after school. I hope my knowledge from school and sports takes me far in life!


I Am Proud Of…By Davi

I am proud of climbing to the top of the climbing wall at Camp Cheerio. At my old school, we also went to a camp, and at the camp there was also a climbing wall. I never got to the top of this one, not even halfway up. I don’t know what happened to me at Camp Cheerio. Maybe it was the environment that gave me strength to climb all the way to the top. Maybe it was the thought that if I got higher, I got more time going down in the electric belayer. The belayer was really fun to go down with. There were some walls in that area that I knew that I couldn’t scale. I went on them anyway just to go down on the belayer. I thought that I was doing that on this climbing wall but I climbed to the top. Thanks for reading my I Am Proud Of by yours truly, Davi Spiro-Gheiler.

If your have any questions about Camp Cheerio, climbing walls, my old school, or anything else, just post a comment on my blog, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.




I Am Proud Of… by Shaylen A.

I am proud of getting my black belt. I am proud of getting my belt because it took me eight years to accomplish. It took a lot of pain, a lot of blood, and a lot of practicing. On the journey of getting my belt I had to go through 17 belts. I have had each belt for more than three months. Also, when you are a brown belt you start using REAL SWORDS and REAL KNIVES instead of wooden ones.

When it was time to test for my black belt my family and my grandparents and I drove up to Boone where the testing was. Then we checked in our hotel, got our clothes unpacked, and headed to the mountain. I was told that I had to go to many seminars because they had moves to show. Then I walked about two miles to the spot where I got my free response (getting attacked). During the test I was getting attacked by more then 10 black belts at a time using real swords and knives! After my free response I had to go to our hotel because I was all muddy; it rained before my testing. The next day it was time to go to a cave and get my belt. We had to walk there and it was three miles, raining, and steep. After I got there, I was the second one to go into the cave! Finally, I come out with a black belt saying, “I did it!” I walked back with a joyful smile. After we walked back I walked home and had a great nex day.

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