Grammar Project by Jack H

For my grammar project I did how to use however in a sentence. I’m going to teach you how to how to use however in a sentence. It is not hard to do. If in your sentence however means “but” then you would put a semicolon in the front of however and you would put a comma at the end of however. If you have however and it means “no matter how”, then you have two options. You could put however at the beginning of the sentence and put a comma like However long it takes, I will go to the game or you could put it in the middle of the sentence like I will go to the game however long it takes.

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I Am Proud Of… By Jack H.

Image from Flickr storm

I am proud of the time I went on a high ropes course for the first time. The reason I am proud of it is because it was thirty feet off the ground. I had to climb up a pole using really big staples and unclip myself soI could get from wire to wire. It was hard at first but near the end it was easy.

I went to the high ropes course. It was when I was at a sleep away camp that is in south Carolina. The high ropes course is not the only thing that you do at the camp. You go white water rafting, zip lining, and peach picking. It was really fun and I might do it again next year.

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