I’m Thankful For… By Nathan G.

I’m thankful for sleep! I love how sleeping passes the time so fast it is like you just blinked. Also dreams are fun doing things you couldn’t do in real life such as flying or walking on the moon. What’s weird about dreams is that if you die in one you wake up instead of feeling pain or if someone is talking to you in real life you hear it in your dream. The thing I hate is getting woken up because I’m not a morning person!

I’m Thankful For… By Jack. H

I’m thankful for my dog. Ever since my other dog had to be put down, I wanted another dog. So we went to a dog breeder that lived a few hours away. When we got there for the first time all the dogs were really small. The second time they had grown a little. The reason I’m thankful for him is because if I’m feeling down he comes over to cheer me up. He may not be the smartest dog in the world but he is good enough for me.

I am Grateful For… by Dylan J.






I am grateful for my grandmother who was always so nice, creative, and playful. She would always try to make me and my brothers smile. She even wore a Halloween costume once when she was with us. I was thankful for what she did to make us smile. I will miss her and I hope she passes on to a better place. Her soul will always be with us.

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