Pumpkin Making!! By: Ryan

middle school pumpkin decorating Community service

Photo by Senor Glass

Today was community service day and every period was short, Yay!!! Our advisory was going to decorate pumpkins for the kids in the Duke Children’s Hospital. My mom was a driver so my best friend, Davi, and I went in the car to go to Brueggers Bagels where we ate a yummy lunch. Then we got our pumpkins and I named mine Chunk. Everybody decorated theirs in a special way. I used glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and puffballs. He was very sticky and scary when I was done. We drove to the hospital and thought it was pretty cool how they set it up where each floor is for something else. I like how they try to make each holiday as normal as possible. It was interesting. I liked decorating pumpkins!

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Hiking Up Stone Mountain By: Ryan W

“No-More-Stairs!!” I hate those things! There were over a thousand of them on Stone Mountain. I love to go hiking through the fresh mountain air. I’m just scared of heights, which really doesn’t help! I was at Stone Mountain in Virginia, USA on a trip with my school to Camp Cheerio. We were at the peak and that is when I came across a tree with a green thing on it. It was a odd caterpillar. He was a bright green little fella with some maroon stripes and some green stripes. He had a triangular head and guess what, he bit me! What I was really anxious about was the waterfall. I heard people died on it recently. When I finally got to it, it was phenomenal! It had lots of jagged rocks at the bottom. On the way back there we a lot more animals including giant millipede, camel cricket, and a bright green crab spider. When we got to the bottom, of course everybody went to go look at the dead deer. Stone Mountain was magnificent!